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Industrial Building Insurance Claims Naples FL

Is Your Industrial Building Insurance Claim in Naples Likely to Be Paid?

Before a loss, it is imperative that you understand your insurance policy and ensure that you have the coverage you need. Is your industrial building insurance claim in Naples likely to be paid? Here are some tips to ensure that the answer is yes!

Understand Your Insurance, and Be Sure to Meet Policy Requirements When Making an Industrial Building Insurance Claim in Naples

Be sure you understand your insurance policy, and keep a copy that is easy to access in the event of a disaster.

Your policy may require that you take certain steps to prevent further damage after disaster strikes. Failure to take care of these requirements could ruin your claim eligibility. So again, understand your policy and what is required of you when you need to make a claim.

Known Whether You Have Exclusions for Cosmetic Damages 

Read your policy carefully. Does it have cosmetic damage exclusions? If it does, any damages sustained that only affect the way something looks but not the way it functions, will not be paid. Consider your policy and whether you are willing to have something, like a roof, on your business that looks damaged, even if it is still functional. 

Consider Forgoing Discounts

Some policies offer discounts for safety measures in place. For example, a sprinkler system may get you a small discount on your insurance policy. However, if it malfunctions, under some policies, your industrial building insurance claim in Naples could be denied. Consider forgoing small discounts if there is potential for your claim to be denied. 

Hire a Public Adjuster to Help Your Industrial Building Insurance Claim in Naples Be Paid Quickly With Max Payout!

Hiring a public adjuster before a disaster for a risk assessment and to help you choose the right insurance coverage for your property. After a disaster, a public adjuster works for you to get your industrial building insurance claims in Naples paid quickly and completely.

Need an experienced public adjuster for risk assessment or help with claims? Darryl Davis and Associates is ready to assist you. Our industry professionals have the experience you need to find the right policy, understand risk, and if need be, handle all aspects of a claim so you get the best compensation. Call us today to find out more at 954-709-3982!

Prevent Mold Growth From Flood

5 Tips to Prevent Mold Growth and Damage After Flooding

Flooding doesn’t always end with water damage. Mold growth and the resulting damage can further devastate a property over time. During flooding, water seeps into hidden places and all that trapped moisture weakens the structure and allows mold to grow. After a water leak or flooding, you need to take steps to keep away hidden moisture and growth of mold within 48 hours. Here’s how to prevent mold damage.

1. Clean Up Water to Help Prevent Mold Growth

Hire a professional to deal with potentially contaminated water. Removing all the water quickly is key to prevent further structural damage and to prevent growth of mold.

2. Remove Wet Carpet and Drywall

Mold begins to grow within a day or two after flooding. Wet carpet holds moisture and traps moisture in the subflooring and concrete below. Remove affected carpet and rugs as soon as possible. Rugs may be able to be dried outdoors. Remove damp drywall and subfloor to prevent growth of mold in and behind the materials.

3. Dry Completely and Dehumidify

A complete dry out is necessary to stop mold growth. Your professionals should mop up any water that wasn’t vacuumed up during the initial water cleanup. Industrial fans should also be used to speed up drying. Humidity should also be measured and dehumidifiers used to assist with the drying out process.

4. Sanitize the Space

Flood water may be contaminated. It’s essential to completely sanitize the space. Do not use bleach. Bleach is most effective on surfaces that are already clean, so it’s not the best choice. A cleaning solution should be used that eliminates both bacteria and mold. 

5. Make Sure Your Property Is Draining Effectively to Prevent Mold Growth

Ensure that additional water won’t seep out anywhere. Make sure drainage is working properly. Look for signs of standing water or moisture. Downspouts should extend 6 feet away from the perimeter. Land should also slope away from your foundation to prevent water collecting at the foundation.

Need Help With a Flooding Insurance Claim?

Prevent mold growth and get faster, more complete compensation when you hire a public adjuster to handle your flooding insurance claim. At Darryl Davis and Associates, our team of professional public adjusters is ready to help you with your claim after a disaster. Call us today at 954-709-3982 to book a consultation in Fort Myers or other South Florida area!

Commercial Building Insurance Claims Near Tampa

When to Contact a Public Adjuster for Your Commercial Building Insurance Claims Near Tampa

Getting an industry professional on your side helps you during a crisis. If your commercial building is struck by disaster, hiring a public adjuster gets you better compensation and faster too. Not sure if you need a public adjuster? Here’s when to contact one for your commercial building insurance claims near Tampa.

Hire a Commercial Building Insurance Claims in Tampa When It’s Not Business as Usual

If the property isn’t open for business as usual, your bottom line is being impacted. Get your claim resolved faster by hiring a public adjuster. They can also help you get compensation for the impact to your bottom line if you have business interruption insurance.

When You Need Help With Your Claim to Get It Paid Faster and at a Higher Payout

A public adjuster helps ensure that the claim is complete and submitted right the first time. Overall, it means faster compensation for you. No claim is too complicated for a professional, as they have the experience you need to get the most out of your claim.

A public adjuster handles the claim for you and uses their industry experience to help negotiate a better deal. They work with your insurance company and keep you in the loop. Often, they uncover additional compensation you’re entitled to, such as smoke damage or mold damage that may go unnoticed.

When You Need an Independent Investigation for Your Commercial Building Insurance Claims Near Tampa

Hiring an independent investigator is to your benefit in some cases. Get advice from your public adjuster, and let them facilitate the investigation for you, freeing you up to focus on your business.

When the Insurance Company Gives You a Low Offer

The initial offer by the insurance company is negotiable, but it’s essential to have the right evidence to back up your claim if you want to negotiate. If you think the initial offer is too low, hiring a public adjuster helps get you the additional support you need to negotiate a higher offer. 

Know Where to Find a Public Adjuster Before You Need One

The public adjusters at Darryl Davis and Associates are ready to assist with commercial building insurance claims near Tampa. If you own commercial property, keep our contact information at the ready, so you’re always prepared. Want to be even more proactive? Contact us for a risk assessment to get a better understanding of the risks associated with your business property. Call us today at 954-709-3982!

Hurricane Preparation

September Is the Most Active Month for Hurricanes in the World. Do You Know How to Prepare for a Hurricane?

Before the next big storm, taking steps to prepare ahead of time is essential to helping protect your investment. Here’s what you need to do to prepare for a hurricane to help minimize damage from winds and other storm-related concerns.

Understand Your Risk

It’s important to understand how your home’s location affects your risk. Is your home in a hurricane evacuation area? Find out before a storm strikes by checking the NOAA website. If you need assistance with understanding risk to your home, hiring a public adjuster for a risk assessment gives you detailed information not only about hurricane risk, but other risks as well.

Gather Emergency Supplies to Help Prepare for a Hurricane

Be ready by gathering supplies early before stores sell out. Make sure you have flashlights, batteries, a radio that is either battery powered or crankable, food and water for several days for each person, sheets of plastic and duct tape, first aid supplies and medications, basic tools, masks to keep out dust and debris, and cell phones with a battery charger, as well as anything else you may need.

Prepare Your Home to Minimize Damage

Keeping trees trimmed around your home helps decrease chances of dead limbs or broken branches damaging your home. Have the materials you need to protect your windows from breaking. Many homeowners board up windows to reduce shattering. When a storm is imminent, bring in objects that might blow over or blow against structures and do damage. Things like planters, garbage cans, and patio furniture should be secured. Park vehicles inside a garage for better protection.

Consider Your Insurance Policy to Help Prepare for a Hurricane

Be familiar with your property insurance policy, so you’ll know what is covered and what steps you are required to take to prepare your property before a storm so that any damage will be covered. If you need additional coverage, add it before the storm. Flood insurance is important because flooding is one main cause of damage during hurricane season. 

Get Professional Assistance With Your Insurance Claim

Don’t go it alone – hire a public adjuster in Fort Myers / South Florida to handle your insurance claim after damage from a storm. The adjusters at Darryl Davis and Associates help you get faster, more complete compensation, so you can move foward after a disaster. Call us today at 954-709-3982.

Single Family Home Insurance Claim Naples FL

Can I Do My Own Repairs for Single Family Home Insurance Claims in Naples?

After damage from a fire, tropical storm, or other disaster, you’ll likely file a home insurance claim. You may be wondering if you can save money and do the repairs yourself. In many cases, you can, but in Florida, it’s complicated. Here are some things to consider if you’re wondering, “Can I do my own repairs for single family home insurance claims in Naples?”

Florida Allows for Right to Repair Clause

A Right to Repair clause is not very consumer-friendly, giving your insurance company the right to repair your property instead of giving you a payment to arrange for the repairs yourself. When shopping for insurance coverage, watch for this clause and be aware of what’s in your policy. If you’re making a claim, you should understand how it affects your repairs.

Know Your Policy

Aside from the right to repair clauses, some policies won’t pay out directly to you. Your policy may ask that you provide the name of the contractor and the check is made out to pay the contractor for the repairs. It’s important to understand your policy when it comes to single family home insurance claims in Naples.

Understand the Risks of Doing It Yourself

You’ve got the payment in hand, and now you’re trying to decide between hiring a contractor or doing your own repairs. Even if you’re handy, doing it yourself isn’t without risk.

 First, improper repair of damages may lead to additional issues over time, and a new claim resulting from improperly repairing the initial damage yourself may be denied. Additionally, hiring insured contractors means that if something is broken during the repairs or if an injury is sustained, they have insurance to cover themselves. Not so if you’re doing the work yourself.

Need Help With Single Family Home Insurance Claims in Naples? Hire a Public Adjuster!

A public adjuster (PA) is an industry professional working on your side to help you get the most out of your claim. A PA  helps you understand your policy and handles the aspects of your claim, so you get your best results.

The PAs at Darryl Davis and Associates are ready to assist you with the details of your policy and help you navigate the claims process. Hire a pro for your single family home insurance claims in Naples – call us today at 954-709-3982!