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Wind/Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims Miami FL

What Coverage Should I Have for Wind/Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims in Miami

Strong winds from a storm or hurricane can quickly cause a devastating amount of property damage. The damage could be enough to cause financial ruin. So, it’s important to have the best coverage for wind/hurricane damage insurance claims in Miami. But how do you know what you need?

How much coverage for wind/hurricane damage insurance claims in Miami you should have depends on the value of your home.

There is only one factor that goes into determining what coverage you should have to ensure that your loss won’t be a financial burden, which is adding a hurricane policy. Wind / hurricane coverage is a separate policy. It must be added to your homeowner’s insurance. You do not have coverage at all for damage from winds or hurricanes if you don’t pay for it specifically. This is also true for flood damage due to hurricanes.

Hurricane deductibles are typically based on a percentage of your home’s insured value. This percentage is based on the amount of risk for your property. It may range from as little as 2% if you’re not in a coastal area to as much as 10%. Some policies may have a specified dollar amount for the deductible, which must be paid by the property owner before insurance coverage kicks in and your claim is paid.

In Florida, there is an annual deductible, so once you meet your deductible, if another storm comes, your policy will pay for 100% of repair / rebuild costs if you have also met your regular home insurance deductible.

To ensure you have the best coverage for your home’s location, including a wind / hurricane policy contact one of our public adjusters for a risk analysis.

At D Davis & Associates, we offer risk analysis to help identify any areas where threats you may not have proper coverage for can manifest. This is particularly helpful so that home or business owners can rebuild after high winds or hurricanes without losing money.

You can’t prevent a natural disaster, but you can prevent a devastating financial one. Let us help. Call us today at 954-709-3982 for a risk analysis appointment to insure your wind/hurricane damage insurance claims in Miami don’t catch you by surprise and leave you empty handed.

Public Adjuster in Naples FL

When Should You Contact a Public Adjuster in Naples

When you file an insurance claim after flood damage or other disaster and you’re asked to estimate the cost, do you really know the full value of everything? Sure, you have receipts for your TV, entertainment center, couches, etc. But what about the expenses to replace the flooring and walls? Insulation? Structural damage? A public adjuster in Naples can help ensure you get the actual cost to rebuild just right.

A public adjuster (PA) helps you navigate the insurance claims process after loss from damage. PAs help you better understand your coverage, conditions of your claim, and other aspects of the process that may be complicated or confusing, especially after you’ve suffered a loss. They act as your representative, similar to the way the claims adjuster acts on behalf of the insurance company.

You should hire a public adjuster when filing an insurance claim for any of the following:

Fire Damage

Flood Damage

Hurricane or High Wind Damage

Plumbing Damage


You can also hire a public adjuster in Naples BEFORE disaster strikes.

It’s always better to be prepared. That is especially true when it comes to insurance claims. You may think you’re properly protected – until your claim is denied.

A public adjuster can review your current policy and let you know of any gaps in coverage there may be that would be financially catastrophic if a disaster such as a fire or flood were to happen. Many policyholders are unfortunately caught off guard when filing a claim. But you don’t have to be. With a risk analysis from a public adjuster, you can avoid worry of being underinsured.

Anyone who is insured can benefit from hiring a public adjuster when filing a claim.

Not only can homeowners benefit from the services of a PA, but so can owners of condos, yachts, and trailers. Public adjusters work with any policyholders who need to file a claim and want to receive maximum compensation as quickly as possible.

In addition to residential and boat services, PAs often work with commercial property owners. People who own office building, retail space, and / or industrial structures can benefit from having a public adjuster on their side.