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Trailer Home Insurance Claim Tampa FL

3 Reasons Your Trailer Home Insurance Claims in Tampa May Be Denied

When disasters strike your trailer home, whether it’s a natural disaster, fire, or other event, it’s time to think about filing an insurance claim. Filing trailer home insurance claims in Tampa helps you get money to pay for repairs and other costs associated with the damages covered by your policy.  But sometimes, insurance claims are denied. 

Here are three reasons trailer home insurance claims in Tampa may be denied and what you can do to make sure you maximize your claims potential.

  1. Failing to File the Claim in the Proper Time Frame

Your policy requires you to file the claim promptly and details the necessary time frame, during which you’re expected to alert your insurance company of a loss. A common reason trailer home insurance claims may be denied is simply not filing within the time window detailed in the policy. Be familiar with your policy, and in the event of a loss, notify your insurance provider quickly.

  1. Documentation Is Lacking

Documentation is important when filing any insurance claim, large or small. Insufficient documentation means your trailer home insurance claims in Tampa may be denied. Carefully document everything. Take pictures of the damages, document conversations related to your claim, and write down everything that is damaged, missing, or destroyed. When in doubt, always keep a record. 

  1. Failing to Take Preventative Measures to Limit Further Damages

Policies require you to prevent further loss by taking action when it is safe to do so. Failing to protect the property from further damage is another reason your trailer home insurance claims in Tampa may be denied. Again, know your policy details, and take logical steps to protect your property after an event. 

To get the most out of your trailer home insurance claim, consider hiring a public adjuster. 

Hiring a public adjuster means that the adjuster attends to the details for you and completes an accurate and detailed claim covering all losses and expenses related to the losses. They use their extensive knowledge of the industry to get you the best possible compensation.

If you need representation for filing trailer home insurance claims in Tampa and are looking for a public adjuster, Darryl Davis and Associates has the experience and professional expertise you need to get the most out of your claim. To schedule a free consultation with one of our public adjusters, call us today at (954) 709-3982.