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So, you just bought a townhouse but you live in Florida, the hurricane and storm capital of the US. Even if you have townhouse insurance that does not guarantee that you will be compensated for damages when Mother Nature goes amok. Your insurance carrier will try their hardest to dispute your claim and chances are you won’t have the tools to dispute them. A public adjuster is the missing link you need to ensure you get compensated for the premium you paid for.

As being forewarned is forearmed, here are some common types of damages that your townhouse may be subjected to in Florida and which you should get compensation for:

Fire Damage

Townhomes boast lightweight construction, which is what makes them so airy. Unfortunately, the materials used in said construction can ignite pretty quickly and once they do, a conflagration is imminent. This includes the attic and the space between floors that can go up in flames in minutes.

The fire can also spread through damp walls and right into the plumbing and HVAC system. If left unattended, it can jump to the townhouse next to yours and cause the same damage there. If you are sued for those, you need a public adjuster in your corner who can examine the extent of the damages accurately.

Wind Damage

Strong winds can do short work of lightweight townhomes that are not protected by walls or other safety measures. Straight-line winds, for instance, can blow up to 60 to 70 miles/hr, which can blow off shingles from your roof and unsecured structures, such as an out building.

If those winds increase in speed to up to 80 miles/hr, it can shatter windows. If your townhouse is somewhat sheltered by others, it can still sustain serious damage, especially if the wind flings debris and branches its way. It can also topple trees right onto power lines that can lead to a fire.

Hurricane Damage

Townhouse insurance is available for hurricane damage in certain areas and for good reason. As those strong winds blow against a vertical structure, such as the walls or roof of your home, it exerts immense pressure against it. As that wind flows over and around the structure, it also creates opposing pressure or suction on the leeward side.

The combination of all of those types of pressure causes an uplift (which can rip off roofs), sliding (which can rotate a house from its foundations) or racking (which can cause walls to collapse).

Water Damage

While the gutters in your townhouse should be sufficient to direct the water from rain and storms away from your home, if they get clogged, you will have a flood on your hands. Once it accumulates enough, the water may run down the side of the building and can also leak into the attic and insulation. If left unattended, the water can cause irreparable damage to your walls, furniture and make the indoor air dangerous.

If your townhouse is located in a flood zone, chances are you already have some insurance in place. If yes, there is a 2% of flooding in your area not only from rain, but also hurricanes and overflowing bodies of water.

Mold Damage

Hurricane and water damage can expose your townhome to harmful elements and create the perfect damp breeding ground for mold. A storm-damaged house already has the ingredients that mold spores need to thrive: an available source of food (such as wood, drywall and carpets), darkness (if the storm takes out a power line and you are without electricity for weeks) and moisture (from the water damage).

If those humidity levels are allowed to grow, the mold will grow rampant and rot your townhome from the inside out. The sooner you call in professionals to remove it, the better, but that job will be anything but affordable.

Whether your townhome has been gutted by a fire, hurricane or a flood, get in touch with Darryl Davis Public Adjusters. We can act as your representatives to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Get in touch with us today!