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Yacht Damage

Yacht Damage

Do you own a Yacht?

Darryl Davis Public Adjusters in Florida make sure that you’re reimbursed in the aftermath of a disaster.

Anyone who steps into a marina in Florida will witness a fleet of luxury yachts lined up for sailing. The seaports are also cluttered with colorful signs and ads that promote rental business and grand tours.

To say that the yacht business is on the rise is an understatement.

However, the looming storms and high tides make yacht ownership a risky business. That’s why many yacht owners apply for insurance to safeguard their vessels. They also bookmark contact details of public adjusters in Florida to prepare for the worst-case scenarios.

High Risk of Yacht Damage

Like all coastlines, sunny Florida faces a fair share of storms and floods each year. Adding to this are infestation issues and fire damages that could strike anytime.

Let’s take a closer look at yacht damage:

Storm and Wind Damage

Strong winds, tropical storms, and hurricanes are a common occurrence in Florida.  Their wind speeds and high tides make it impossible for you to steer your vessel during the storm. Even when the vessel is docked up, you might face leakage problems, water damage, and electrical issues in the aftermath.

All this can put your yacht rental/transport business at risk if you aren’t insured.

Flood Damage

Statistics reveal that 40% of all natural disasters involve flood damage to residential and commercial properties and vessels. 

As a coastal state, the risk of facing flood damage increases for yacht owners that have got their vessels docked in the marina. The flood could cause your yacht to capsize, destroy your upholstery and cause structural damage too.

It’s why you need a public adjuster by your side to recover the losses.

Fire Damage

Last year, two super-yachts worth $20 million made the headlines in Florida due to a fire.

The devastating incident is a reminder that older and smaller vessels aren’t the only ones at risk of fire damage.  The fire can be caused by wiring issues, combustion of fuels, or other reasons. Also, if your burning yacht is docked up at a marina, then it could set neighboring boats ablaze.

Situations like these require you to file an insurance claim to recover from the loss. Public adjusters in Florida make the legal process easier for policyholders.

Mold Damage

Mold and mildew are common types of yacht damages. The primary reasons include poor ventilation systems, fluctuating hull temperatures, and frequent storms. Undetected mold infestation can lead to unhygienic conditions and rotten storage supplies.

There is a chance that your yacht insurance policy doesn’t include mold damage in the coverage plan. You can get in touch with an experienced public adjuster to get your case evaluated.  

Why Should You Hire Public Adjusters in Florida for Yacht?

Yacht insurance is a unique branch of insurance policies. Some consider it a combination of home insurance and auto insurance due to the overlapping coverage. Generally, yacht insurance includes bodily injuries and damages caused by environmental impact.

A more comprehensive coverage plan includes fire, water damage, damaged gear, and other liabilities too.

With that being said, your insurance claims can get declined under any circumstances. That’s because insurance companies aren’t always invested in your cause. They also try their best to settle an unfair sum in the aftermath of a major disaster.

At times like these, you can turn the tables by hiring a public adjuster in Florida. These experienced professionals will help you navigate through the legal procedure. They’ll also take the required steps to build a strong case for you.

This makes it possible for you to fight against a wrongful cancellation of your insurance claim. Consequently, it increases your chances of winning a proper coverage.

Darryl Davis’s Public Adjusters in Florida

Did your yacht get damaged? We can undertake the legal procedures and overlook the settlement to support your yacht insurance claim. Our licensed public adjusters ensure that you get fully compensated for your loss.

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