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Sure, you don’t have to mow a lawn or shovel a walk living in a condo and you get to enjoy luxury amenities, but when disaster strikes, who pays? Your condo association may be responsible for upkeep, but when it comes to compensating you for damages, they may not be able to do much. If you have liability insurance in place, you may get compensated for damages but only if your insurance carrier cooperates. Insurance for condos doesn’t come cheap so if they refuse to pay, you should hire a public adjuster right away.

Here are common types of damages your condo can sustain:

Fire Damage

Unlike a fire that starts in a single-family home, a condo fire can place the entire condominium at risk. As it spreads, it can quickly move to the apartments on the same floor. That is why filing an insurance claim, in the aftermath of a fire, can be tricky and the success of your claim will hinge on the details. This includes determining the following:

  • What damages were caused by the fire?
  • How did the fire start?
  • How were the damages from the fire documented?
  • The policies that the condo association provides.

The answers will decide on who is liable for paying for repairs as well as the amount that is to be paid.  The process can get quite complicated, but not for a public adjuster who is experienced in handling condo insurance claims. By hiring one, you can get the funds you need to make necessary repairs and replacements sooner rather than later (or never if your insurance carrier has anything to say about it).

Wind Damage

Wind can cause more damage to single homes, but that doesn’t mean condos are safe either. Wind- driven rain, for instance, falls at an angle and it has no trouble creeping into apartments in ways a simple downpour may not.

Besides ruining your walls, the water can bring in bacteria that can lead to health hazards. If it is not cleaned up quickly, it can allow mold to grow, which can cause respiratory issues or trigger allergic reactions. A public adjuster can ensure you get the funds you need for cleanup before it gets to this point.

Hurricane Damage

Typically, insurance for condos is divided between the condo association and the condo owner. Any part of the property that has to be insured by the former and which is damaged by an insurable event will be examined as a common expense for all condo owners. This comes into play when a hurricane hits.

This natural event takes no prisoners and if strong enough, can do major damage throughout the length of a condominium. Unit owners are responsible for repairing certain areas, but determining liability, in this case, can be tricky. That’s because hurricanes can result in wind, fire and water damage, which can cause havoc in entirely different ways.

Mold Damage

This fungus can grow rampant after the floodwaters recede and even if you have broken pipes that caused it, repaired. It thrives in damp environments, but even though it is useful in forests (where it breaks down dead animals), it has no place in an apartment.

Mold can grow in your bathroom, basement, kitchen, tiles, ceiling and any other area in your apartment that has high moisture levels. If inhaled, the spores can trigger a serious allergic reaction and cause respiratory issues. Common ones that can be found in condos include trichoderma, duarium and alternaria. Whether your condo has been damaged by a fire, wind, a flood or a hurricane, you need a public adjuster from Darryl Davis Public Adjusters in your corner. We can help you file your claim with your carrier and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Get in touch with us today!