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Public Adjuster in Fort Lauderdale

Public Adjuster in Fort Lauderdale

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You worked so hard to buy the home of your dreams and that business off the ground. It would be a shame if…something happened to it. Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not discriminate and with hurricanes, flooding and tornadoes common in Fort Lauderdale, it’s only a matter of time before they sustain damage.

If you have insurance, you can recover, right? Not if the carrier digs its heels in and refuses to pay you for the damages. Contrary to popular belief, the company does NOT have your best interests at heart and will fight tooth and nail to keep the money it owes you.

Unfortunately, if you go at them yourself, you’ll come right where they want you to be – in a non-negotiating position. That’s because they know you don’t have the documents and proof needed to prove your claim.  

As passionate public adjusters in Fort Lauderdale, we will fight for you and ensure you get a fair amount for the damages, irrespective of severity or lack thereof. Our team has the experience and skills to get you the settlement you need and deserve.

We know and will take all the necessary steps to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve whether you live and/or work in Davie, Parkland, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek or Margate.

Comprehensive Services for Comprehensive Coverage Assessment

With Fort Lauderdale inundated with natural disasters, your property can sustain damages from all quarters. A storm can take out a power line and cause a fire, a flood can ruin your basement long after the waters recede and a hurricane can shift your home from its foundations.  

The team at Darryl Davis Public Adjuster is trained and experienced in handling a range of cases that your insurance company may try to get around. These include:

Flood Damage

A flood can level your home from the ground up and leave devastation in its wake. You can lose everything but that is what insurance is for.

As skilled public adjusters in Fort Lauderdale, we can help you prove your claim and the extent of the damages to your carrier with cold, hard documentation and proof.

Wind and Hurricane Damage

With winds that clock at 75 miles/hr, hurricanes can literally shift a home or a building from its foundations. As it presses against structures, it creates a vacuum that can shatter windows and roof shingles effortlessly.

Do you really want to spend time and money making repairs yourself? Acting as your representatives, our public adjusters will ensure your insurance company pays when it can make a huge difference.

Mold Damage

Black mold is a silent killer that you may not even know you are breathing in. Inspections and preventive measures can make a huge dent in your savings, but not when you have accredited public adjusters in Fort Lauderdale in your corner.

Not only can we assess the extent of the mold damage, we will ensure your carrier gives you substantial remediation, no matter how serious the condition is. That’s because we know the dangers of toxic mold and in our assessment, the faster it is removed, the better. With speedy damage coverage, you can get your business back on track and move back into your home in record time.

Why You Should Hire Us

  • We have in-depth knowledge about state and federal laws that your insurance carrier may hide from you.
  • We will handle inspections and the paperwork for your claim for you.
  • We will represent you aggressively against insurance carriers who try and deny your claim.

So If You Are Looking For Public Adjusters In Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Parkland, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek Or Margate, Get In Touch With Us At Darryl Davis Public Adjuster Today.