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Darryl Davis Public Adjusters in Florida Allow You to Receive Full Compensation for Damages to Your Trailers

Did you know? There are over 32,637 mobile homes located in Florida and an even greater number of trailers are used for trade.

Trailers are often used as vehicles to transport goods to and from warehouses and stores. These days, you will find some trailers propped up as food trucks, ice cream bars, and more on a crowded street or park.

Others will be decked up on the beach for multiple purposes.

Whether you use your trailer for recreation or business, it’s important to get insurance for trailers. You should also consult public adjusters in Florida when the time comes to file for an insurance claim. 

Otherwise, you risk losing everything in the aftermath of an unforeseeable event. 

High Risk of Trailer Damage

Trailers in Florida are at high risk of damage due to environmental causes and other harmful factors. That’s why we strongly advise owners of residential and commercial trailers to prepare for the unknown beforehand.

This includes applying for trailer insurance and collaborating with a public adjuster in Florida.

Here are the most common reasons for trailer damage in Florida:

Storm and Wind Damage

Florida is not a stranger to tropical storms and cyclones. We have also faced a fair share of hurricanes in the past decade, which resulted in floods and landfalls.

Under these circumstances, it becomes necessary for trailer owners to insure their vehicle/mobile homes. That’s because a strong gust of wind is often enough to topple the trailer over. You might also face leakage problems during torrential rains.

Structural Damage

Maintaining a trailer is essential during and after storms. That’s because the proximity to the ocean alone accelerates rusting and corrosion in trailers. Subsequently, this could cause your trailer’s ceiling to collapse after a heavy downpour.

Collisions and Accidents

Utility trailers are at risk of facing an automobile accident during transport. There is a chance that your automobile insurance doesn’t offer coverage for the trailer. That means you’ll have to pay for repairs and other damages to the trailer out of your pocket. This can be costly for owners who’ve been injured during the accident.

However, hiring a public adjuster could make it easier for you to reach a fair settlement.   

Fire Damage

Fire damage is another possible way to lose your trailers.

An accidental spark can burn it to ground.  Also, if your trailer is lined up with other vehicles, then the fire can set them ablaze too. There is a high chance that this situation could lead to a lawsuit from a third party.

With a qualified public adjuster by your side, you can come out of the courtroom unscathed.

Mold Damage

Poor ventilation, humidity, and unkempt trailers accumulate a lot of moisture. Add in the soaring temperatures, and you end up with a mold infestation. The frequent storms and floods can also create ideal breeding grounds for the molds.

The uninhabitable and unhygienic condition makes it necessary for you to evacuate/stop your business.

Why Should You Hire Public Adjusters in Florida for Trailers?

We know that trailers are least of your worries when you’re caught in the eye of the storm. You should, however, do your best to claim proper coverage for the damages done later. 

There are multiple reasons to hire public adjusters for trailers in this scenario.

These include:

  • Incomplete coverage plans:

Many insurance policies don’t include water damage, molds and other risks in their coverage plan. Public adjusters can evaluate your case to give you an estimate of the coverage you are expected to receive. 

  • Expired insurance policies:

Public adjusters can also help you out in case your trailer insurance expires. That way, your insurance company won’t decline your claims.

  • Uncooperative insurance companies:

The biggest benefit of having a public adjuster is to prevent unwanted delays and unfair settlements. Their expertise and in-depth knowledge can make it easier for you to build a stronger case.

On the whole, the right public adjuster can make it easier for you to get the coverage you deserve.

Darryl Davis’s Public Adjusters in Florida

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With our professional consultation, nothing can stop you from receiving a fair settlement.

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