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Natural disasters take no prisoners. If your warehouse, store, airplane hangar, or any other commercial setup is hit with one, you will need a public adjuster to get the premiums you paid for. Some of the common natural disasters that can destroy your business in Florida and the coverage you can get include the following:

Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes are characterized by strong winds that can blow at up to 74 mph. These strong winds can easily blow the roof off a warehouse or even an airplane hangar like the top of a can! Policies that cover hurricane damage can vary, depending on whether your property was damaged by wind or rain. Some cover the former, while others cover only the latter. Plus, your property can sustain damage from garbage and debris that is flung around by the hurricane. A commercial public adjuster can help you recover the losses from your insurance company.

Flood Damage

Floods that result from a hurricane can damage your store or warehouse, especially if they drench your inventory or stock. The resulting loss can ruin you financially if you have no way to recoup them. While you can get the money back if you have business property insurance, hiring a public adjuster to ensure you get the premiums you paid for will be in your best interests.

However, the coverage can vary depending on how the water entered the premises. Damage from hurricane based rain may be recoverable if it entered your home through a window that was damaged because of the disaster. Once the rain hits the ground, it is considered to be floodwater which may require a separate policy. A commercial public adjuster can help you maximize your claim with your insurance carrier.

Mold Damage

Even if flood waters recede, they leave behind damp environments that are ideal breeding grounds for mold. If allowed to grow rampant, the growth can grow out of control and pose a serious health hazard for your employees. Insurance coverage can pay for its removal but only if you can prove that the mold grew as a result of water damage. With a public adjuster in your corner, convincing them to pay will not be a problem.

Fire Damage

A single short circuit in a warehouse or a mechanic store will not take long to ignite your entire business and gut it from the inside out. Even if you are present when the fire starts, your priority would be your employee’s safety rather than your equipment’s. The latter is replaceable with the appropriate insurance policy but a public adjuster can ensure you get what you paid to recoup your losses.

Public Adjusters Are on YOUR Side

When your business is hit with a natural disaster, your insurance company should step in. After all, you paid quite a large sum for those premiums. However, according to the insurance carrier, it is your job to prove your loss as per the coverage you paid for. This includes documenting, proving and defending your claim to maximize recovery.

Rather than going through that hassle yourself and potentially losing out on your coverage, hire a commercial public adjuster from Darryl Davis Public Adjusters to do that for you. We will look out for your business and can expedite the process to ensure you get the funds you need to reopen your business as soon as possible. Our expertise in disaster insurance coverage and attention to detail can help you maximize your claim.