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Office Buildings

Office Buildings

Your commercial office building insurance policy will help you recover losses, but only if you have a public adjuster on your side. Since they work for you and not for your insurance carrier, they will ensure you can maximize coverage.

Whether you own corporate office, a law firm, an accounting firm, or any other business, your public adjuster can help you get your premiums to cover the following damages:

Fire Damage

A fire damaged building can prove hazardous not only for your employees, but also for your clients. The walls may have been weakened by the heat even if they didn’t burn completely. Besides this, exposed electrical wiring may re-ignite the fire and the smoke left behind may lead to respiratory issues. Additionally, your office equipment may be damaged beyond repair from the soot, smoke, and fire.

Mold Damage

The receding water from floods or burst pipes leaves the ideal environment behind for mold growth. If it is not controlled and eliminated in time, mold can spread in all of the rooms in your office building and become a serious health hazard for both allergy-prone and healthy employees.

Even if the growth is not apparent, it can still cause major damage down the line. A public adjuster will check every nook and cranny to detect mold growth and hold your insurance carrier accountable for the money it owes you.

Wind Damage

Hurricane strength winds blow at over 74 mph. As it passes over and around a commercial building, it damages it in two ways. First, it affects the sides of the structure that face the incoming wind and second, the negative wind applies pressure to the side that faces away from the building. This creates a vacuum which can suck off roofs and windows along with other components.

Flood Damage

Flood and water damage can mean different things depending on the coverage you have. It can also mean the difference between losing millions of dollars in equipment and structural damage and recovering enough funds for repairs and replacements. The source and amount of water defines the coverage you can get in most insurance policies.

In either case, your office will have an odor and eventually a mold problem if the damage is not reversed. This can cost you a lot but not if your business is insured. Whether you have paid for water or flood damage, your public adjuster can ensure you get the maximum coverage from your carrier. 

Why Hiring a Public Adjuster for Your Office Is a Good Idea

Your insurance company is a business that will look towards its own self interests first even if it means shortchanging you on premiums you already paid for. The adjuster they send to check your claim will try to reduce the cost of the damages so the carrier could pay less. Hiring a public adjuster instead will work to your benefit because he/she will be working to ensure you can maximize your claim.

Allow Darryl Davis Public Adjusters to work on your behalf. We know exactly what the aforementioned damages are worth and after a thorough examination of your office building, can ensure you get the amount from your commercial office building insurance policy that you deserve. Why should you pay out of pocket when you already paid for insurance? An adjuster who is working on your side can make a huge difference in the money you receive.