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Wind and Hurricane Damage

Wind and Hurricane Damage

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One of the perils of living in South Florida is that you will have to suffer the consequences of hurricanes regularly. Tropical storms and hurricanes are extremely common in Florida, and you can expect to see wind speeds of 110 mph.

These can easily break windows, strip roofing tiles, and even entire roofs. The aftermath of a hurricane is not pretty, and there can be excess damage caused by the flying debris, water, and high wind speeds. It is common to see partial to complete destruction of property that could require extensive damage.

Moreover, it is not just wind-based property damage that one has to deal with. Water damage is also common with wind and hurricane damage. Tropical storms and hurricanes can bring heavy rainfall and can cause flooding as well.

Assessing the Damage

Home and business owners need to have appropriate coverage options that offer compensation for wind and hurricane damage. Due to the frequency of tropical storms and hurricanes in Florida, your insurance plan might limit the coverage or payout options.

Make sure that your insurance plans include coverage for damage to the following structures:

  • Residential property – Single-family houses, condos, townhomes, etc
  • Commercial property – Office buildings, shopping malls, shops, etc
  • Industrial property – Warehouses, body shops, etc
  • Outdoor structures – Garages, sheds, swimming pools
  • Leisure Vehicles – Yachts
  • Medical payments – for third parties
  • Personal liability payments – for third parties

Once you have identified the areas of coverage and the damage done, you can then file a claim with your insurance company for compensation.

Processing Your Wind and Hurricane Damage Claim in Florida

Insurance companies in Florida are notorious for trying to limit coverage options or to place high premiums on plans with little to no payout options for the consumer. In 1992, a large number of insurance companies took alternative measures to limit their exposure to wind and hurricane damage payouts.

They did this by creating plans that had higher deductibles in the policies. While the outrage and controversy did make some insurance companies revise their policies, there are still many who have not done so.

For many property owners, this factor can be hard to navigate, especially when they have other concerns to worry about. Many homeowners will also not wait for long before they start to repair the damage done.

That’s why a public adjuster in Florida for wind and hurricane damage claims can be necessary, especially if you want to be compensated fairly.

How Does a Public Adjuster in Florida Help You?

A public adjuster will help with every step of your journey when you’re filing a claim. They can help you get the evidence you need to support your claim, provide appropriate guidance, identify limitations, and offer legal advice when your insurance company does not want to pay.

Their expertise will ensure that you not only get a proper evaluation but also get compensated for an amount that is closer to the actual cost of repairs done. With a public adjuster, property owners can navigate the precarious red-tape that comes with this area.

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