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Even if you have insurance for your retail business, your carrier will try everything in its power to reduce your claim. If they are successful, you may end up paying for most or all of the damages out of pocket. If your store was damaged in a fire or a hurricane or was flooded, it will result in thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements which you may not be able to afford.

This is where a public adjuster from Darryl Davis Public Adjusters can help. We can help you file an authentic claim that your insurance carrier cannot deny. Here are just some risks your retail business is currently facing.

Threat from Natural Disasters

Florida is prone to hurricanes and devastating storms. When either of these calamities strikes, you can say goodbye to your expensive inventory and equipment. Floodwaters resulting from these natural disasters don’t take much time to wreak havoc. If your insurance refuses to pay for the damages, you may never be able to recover.

Damage to Raw Materials

A fire will do short work of timber stocks, fabric, and other raw material that you have stored in your store. The result will be a massive loss in stock that you may or may not be able to recover. If your insurance carrier is not cooperative, will you have the money to buy more?

Supply Chain Disruptions

If your retail business relies on regular shipments of raw materials or products, even a few hours of disruption can cost you thousands of dollars worth of revenue. Add a natural disaster or a fire in the mix, and you may face significant delays.

If you own a supply chain business, you can end up losing valuable contracts as you find yourself unable to compensate clients for the items that were lost. You can recover those losses from your insurance carrier but only if you have all of your paperwork in place. A public adjust can help you do that and present your claim accurately.

Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster

Reduce Stress

The best insurance for your retail business is one you can recover and that is possible if you hire a public adjuster from Darryl Davis Public Adjusters. You will already have enough on your plate to deal with as it is. Knowing you have professional adjusters working on your behalf will reduce that stress significantly. This includes filing the necessary paperwork and following up with your insurance carrier as well as negotiating on your behalf.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Before calling your claiming in with your insurance carrier, you should make sure it is free of mistakes. However, those may not be apparent to your untrained eye. A public adjuster will be able to spot costly errors immediately and can make vital corrections. This includes ensuring that you are following policy rules and regulations that protect your rights as a policy holder.

Get Denied Claims Re-Opened

Most policy holders are not aware of this but they can have denied claims re-opened and re-examined as well. However, rather than doing it yourself, hire a PA to see where you went wrong or why the insurance company denied your claim in the first place. This will increase your chances of getting maximum coverage the second time around. We can also inform you of more options that can benefit you.

Faster Payout The faster you get the money you were promised from you insurance carrier, the faster you can get your retail business up and running post disaster. Whether you want to make a small or a large claim, professional PAs from Darryl Davis Public Adjusters can speed up the claims process.