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Industrial Building Damage

Industrial Building Damage

Darryl Davis Public Adjusters in Florida Can Help You Get Appropriate Compensation for Damage to Your Industrial Buildings

Industrial buildings are mainly chosen for their location, and Florida offers prime locations for businesses. Tampa and Orlando in Florida are popular options for all types of industrial buildings, including warehouses, production, and manufacturing factories, as well as processing and trade of raw materials.

Tampa Bay is one of the largest seaports in Florida, and in total, all of Florida’s ports contribute around $13% of the total GDP of the state. While several businesses flock to this state, industrial building damage can be enormous.

High Risk of Industrial Building Damage

Industrial buildings in Florida are at high risk of damage due to various factors. The following are some of the most significant risks that they face:

Storm and Wind Damage

Proximity to the ocean means that Florida, particularly South Florida, is prone to tropical storms and hurricanes. Based on the severity of the storm, industrial buildings in Florida can suffer considerable damage.

One of the worst storms was Hurricane Irma in 2017. With wind speeds reaching 142 mph, it also caused flooding. It is noted to be one of the costliest storms experienced in the history of Florida. The storm incurred damage worth $50 billion.

More Vulnerable

Industrial buildings are among the few buildings that are often structurally weak and can suffer the most during such storms. They’re also situated near seaports, which make them more likely to be near the area of impact.

Loss of Revenue

Additionally, businesses coming to a standstill can incur high losses. Not only does one have to deal with repairs, but there is a loss of products and business revenue. Such storms or industrial building damage in Florida can be extremely devastating and costly.

Fire Damage

Fires in industrial buildings can spread very easily. Many industrial buildings usually store goods or raw materials that are flammable. Fires can also start due to a malfunction in machinery. While fire-proofing is necessary for all industrial buildings, some are so old that they never get updated properly.

Mold Damage

Industrial buildings can collect a lot of moisture, especially when there is poor ventilation. In such instances, mold growth can occur naturally. Apart from poor ventilation, storm damage and flooding can also increase the chances of water and mold damage.

Getting Public Adjusters in Florida for Industrial Businesses

The coverage for industrial building damage can vary. Many owners aim to get a coverage plan that covers all problem areas, but attention needs to be paid here.

Coverage plans can be limited only for water damage or loss of goods or revenue. It’s necessary to make sure that you have the right coverage options when you are getting industrial buildings made.

Unfortunately, even when the coverage is appropriate, insurance businesses will do their utmost to delay the process, or they will have poor payouts. In such instances, it is a good idea to get help from public adjusters in Florida.

With their assistance, businesses can ensure that they are being compensated properly and in line with the extent of the damage they face. Public adjusters are knowledgeable about Florida business laws and can strengthen your case, helping you get the compensation you deserve.

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