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Single Family Home

Single Family Home

Hiring a public adjuster for home insurance claim is a good idea if you live in a single family home that has been damaged beyond repair. You may have paid an arm and a leg for premium, but your insurance carrier will fight tooth and nail to reduce your claim. Here are some common types of damages that you should get compensated for:

Fire Damage

Your home can go up in flames in as less as three minutes if a fire is not contained in time. Once those flames reach 1100°F, a flashover is imminent – flammables, such as books, furniture, wall décor and upholstered chairs, ignite simultaneously. Plus, all of the oxygen in the room is sucked out due to the combustion reaction and the windows shatter as a result. The upper floor fills up with noxious smoke that seeps into everything.

Hurricane Damage

If strong enough, a hurricane can make short work of a single family home. The force it exerts is strong enough to rip apart the entire structure. Flooding and overland surges can cause it to collapse as strong waves batter it and the oscillatory currents they produce can rip apart the foundation. That’s because water weighs about 1700 pounds/cubic yd and if it smashes against a house that is not designed to withstand it, it can leave devastating damage in its wake.

Wind Damage

The force that the wind exerts during a storm is far from uniform. The direction and speed can fluctuate, which can put pressure on different parts of your home, but your roof is the most vulnerable.

The wind flow causes a strong lifting effect similar to the air flow that passes over the wing of a plane as it takes off. Similarly, with enough pressure, your roof can fly off or start to break apart one shingle at a time. If the structure is not able to slide or rack, the force may even rotate the house off its foundation.

Mold Damage

Mold may seem harmless to the naked eye, but there is a reason why it is called a ‘silent killer.’ If allowed to proliferate, it can do short work of organic matter, which includes paper,  wood, and so on,  causing them to rot and fall apart. It can also eat into different types of inorganic substances, such as carpets, ceiling tiles, drywall, etc.

If left unchecked, mold can cause substantial damage to your home to make the roof, walls or the floors cave in. However, you can prevent it from getting to that stage by calling in the experts to remove it.

The cost of that claim should be compensated by your insurance carrier, but a public adjuster can speed up the process. That’s because your carrier will try to reduce or deny your claim, citing technical jargon that you may not understand and make you capitulate in the process.

How Darryl Davis Public Adjusters can Help

There is a reason why hiring a public adjuster for home insurance claims is a good idea. Besides helping you understand your insurance policy, Darryl Davis Public Adjusters can ensure your claim is resolved fast so that you can get back to your daily life faster. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle insurance claims and this includes the necessary paperwork that your insurance carrier will pray you don’t have. Get in touch with us today!