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Fire Damage

Fire Damage

Whether your home or business in Florida suffered damages because of a fire, you will naturally turn to your insurance company first to cover your losses. However, you’ll have to convince them that the damages are worth the compensation. A public claims adjuster from Darryl Davis Public Adjusters can help you file property damage claims to your benefit.

Forewarned is forearmed. By knowing the type of fire damage you can incur, you can be in a better position to negotiate with your insurance company. Here are just some reasons why you should file a fire damage claim in Florida:

Lightning Damage

Florida is prone to storms, especially in the summer months during later afternoon and early evening. Lightning storms are not uncommon during June, July, and August which are peak storm seasons in the state. While lightning usually falls outside a property on vegetation and trees, that doesn’t mean it cannot land on your home. When it does it can cause a short circuit which can lead to a fire.

Cooking Fire Damage

Unattended cook fires such as barbecues are one of the leading causes of fire damage in the state and in general. A fire can break out if you leave the frying pan unattended or forget you have something cooking in the oven. Most of these incidents occur because of appliances and items that are near the source of the heat. Once they ignite, the conflagration does not take long to spread. Even if you try and contain the blaze, you may do more harm than good.

Electrical Fire Damage

While any kind of blaze is dangerous, electrical fires are considered to be especially dangerous and can do more damage in comparison. Something as simple as a malfunctioning toaster or an appliance with a frayed cord can lead to a house fire that cannot be stopped with water.

While this scenario can be avoided if you replace old appliances, that doesn’t mean you won’t face it. Rain water can easily get into a fuse box leading to a short circuit which can cause lead to an electrical blaze in no time. If the storm takes out power lines, an unattended candle can also cause the same damage.

Hidden Damages

Fire is not the only damage Floridians have to contend with even when it is put out. A residential fire can also cause damages that are hidden to the naked eye. This includes smoke damage, water damage, corrosion, mold and odor. If these damages are not reversed in a timely manner, they can do more to gut your home than the fire did!

The most common hidden damage that Florida policy holders can claim for is smoke damage. Contrary to popular belief, not all smoke is the same.  It may be invisible, odorless and toxic depending on the materials and items that were burned by the fire. Damage remediation can eliminate toxic fumes that can otherwise lead to respiratory issues but to ensure you don’t have to pay out of pocket, you need a professional public claims adjuster to discuss a settlement with your insurance company.

This is where Darryl Davis Public Adjusters can prove invaluable. If your home was recently damaged by a fire, your insurance company may be taking its sweet time heels processing your claim. We are trained to determine and analyze fire damage claims in Florida and can convince them that yours fall under your insurance policy.