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Flood Damage

Flood Damage

Did you know that 25% of floods in Florida happen outside formally designated zones? That’s because most of Florida is at or near sea level making flooding a common disaster. In fact, even a small one can lead to devastating consequences – millions of dollars in damages are not uncommon.

Here are some other reasons why the state is known as the flood capital of the US:

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms Are Common

Florida is the hurricane capital of the world because it lies close to the tropics as well as the westerly winds that blow off African coasts that are right along the equator. This results in storm surges that can flood large areas in minutes even if the storm is a Category 2.

Floridians who live near the shore or only a couple of feet above sea level are especially prone to damages especially when the tide is high. During that time, they have no choice but to evacuate leaving their precious property behind. In most cases, this can also include their vehicles.

Torrential Rain Is Not Uncommon

Thunderstorms are common in Florida and each time the heavens open up to release torrential rain. This is especially common during the summer months. Needless to say properties that do not have a drainage system in place are prone to flooding during this time. However, even those that do have drainage can sustain significant damage as the rivers break their banks and the water flows in.

Why You Should Hire a Public Claims Adjuster

Areas in Florida that are low lying are divided into specific flood zones i.e. they are places where flooding is imminent when the aforementioned natural disasters hit. Residents in those areas are advised to evacuate at a moment’s notice. Since the damage from these disasters is common, flood insurance in the state can be quite expensive.

As a responsible home owner, you should have insurance in place to recover damages but only a public claims adjuster in Florida can ensure you get the maximum settlement.

Why? Irrespective of where the flooding occurs, it can cause major damage to your home and business. Besides dealing with the stress of the disaster, you may have to replace windows, siding, flooring, the roof, electrical appliances, plumbing etc all which can lead to a hefty bill.

Do you really have that much money saved up? This is what insurance is for but policy holders are rarely given the complete coverage they deserve and need. That’s because most do not know what how they should handle their claim and which details they should provide to their insurance company to get the maximum settlement.

For example, the structural damage from wave action can be difficult to pinpoint but it is simple for an experienced public claims adjuster in Florida to determine. With the flooding and wind damage the claims settlement process can take some time to complete. This includes the restoration process which can also take a long time especially if your insurance company is not as cooperative as they should be.

As professional and dedicated public claims adjuster we ensure that our clients receive the maximum settlement they deserve and are not shortchanged. We are also available to answer any insurance related queries you may have. Get in touch with us if you wish to set up a meeting.