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Homeowners Insurance Claim FAQs

Insurance Claim FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Filing a Claim

Filing an insurance claim is tricky business. There are complex forms and legal jargon, plus a complicated and often long process just to get what’s rightfully yours. Although you should hire a public adjuster, it does help to know answers to some basic insurance claims FAQs.

When Should You File a Claim?

Do you know when it’s necessary to file a claim and when it isn’t? If you’re looking at damages that will cost less than your deductible to repair or only a couple hundred bucks, it might not be necessary to file a claim.

You should also keep in mind that filing a claim will likely raise your rates ,and in some cases your insurance could be canceled. Think it through carefully and if the event meets these criteria, then you should go ahead with your claim:

  • When there is an injured party
  • Fault isn’t clear
  • When you’ll incur a total loss such as from a fire or are unable to pay for damages out of pocket

What Steps Must You Take to Properly File a Claim?

If you’ve been involved in an accident, you need to be sure to file a police report even if you’re not sure if you need one. Insurance companies often require that to compensate you.

In the event of an accident, whether on land or water, you need to gather information and make sure you document everything. Contact names and info, insurance details, photos, detailed notes will all need to be part of your claim.

If there were injuries, you should also include in your file all doctors reports, bills, and all other documentation related to the injuries.

When You Need to Contact Your Insurance Company?

Most insurance policies have a deadline, so make sure you file within that time limit. Once you’ve contacted them, find out exactly what documentation they require and the name of the person you will be working with. 

Be Prepared to Fight for a Decent Settlement and to Wait

Insurance companies have their own adjusters who 100% work for them. Their mission isn’t to get you the highest settlement but to get by on paying you the bare minimum. 

So, be ready to fight for what you are due and wait, because settlements can take weeks, months, or even years to conclude.

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West Palm Beach Public Adjuster Fees

Who Pays Public Adjuster Fees in West Palm Beach?

If you’re facing an insurance claim, the wise decision is to hire a professional to handle it for you. While public adjuster fees in West Palm Beach might seem a bit confusing, they really aren’t if you know what to expect.

Public Adjuster Fees in West Palm Beach: How Do They Charge?

The fee structure for a public adjuster simply means how they get paid. There are four structures: hourly, flat fee, retainer, and contingent. Because public adjusters rarely charge an hourly rate, we’ll look at the most common methods of payment.

Flat Fee

A flat fee is just that – one fee that your public adjuster will be paid. This is most common with simple claims, however; before you agree to a flat fee you should find out exactly what it covers. 


If it happens that you hire a public adjuster that charges an hourly rate, you’ll likely be asked to pay a retainer. This is an advance payment that is put into a special trust account. Your public adjuster will then deduct the cost of their services as they are accrued from the retainer, which is usually non-refundable. 


This is the most common method by which public adjusters get paid. A contingent fee structure means you pay no money out of pocket. Instead, your public adjuster will get paid a percentage of your settlement. In most cases, it’s 10% to 20% of the total claim. 

When Will My Public Adjuster Get Paid?

Public adjuster fees in West Palm Beach are paid by you, but when do you pay them? Typically, this happens once your insurance company makes you a final offer and you accept.

Is It Really Necessary to Hire a Public Adjuster? 

For a small claim, maybe not. If you’re filing a large claim, then yes. Your public adjuster serves many purposes that make the insurance claim process much easier for you. They handle paperwork, act as your liaison, and, because they work for you, strive to get you the highest possible settlement. 

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Ask a Public Adjuster in Orlando

What Should I Ask a Public Adjuster in Orlando?

Life can toss out some serious curveballs, can’t it? When faced with a disastrous event like flood or fire, do you know who to call? The right public adjuster in Orlando is the difference between a mediocre settlement and getting what you deserve. Knowing what to ask will make sure you get a truly experienced professional. 

Why Should I Get a Public Adjuster?

That’s a legitimate question. You have insurance and an agent, so why hire a public adjuster? The most important reason to have a public adjuster on your side is because they actually are on your side. 

They don’t work for your insurance company. They work for you, which means you’ll get a higher settlement than you would if you handle a claim directly through your insurance company.

It’s also not going to cost you anything out of your pocket most likely. Public adjusters typically get paid by taking a small percentage of your settlement, and that percentage is agreed upon from the beginning of filing your claim. 

Have you ever tried to navigate the paperwork involved with filing a claim on your own ? It can be a nightmare. A public adjuster takes the hard work off your hands.

They’ll also be your go-between by limiting the amount of time you’ll have to spend communicating with your insurance company, which can be quite time consuming. 

So, What Should I Ask My Public Adjuster in Orlando?

Choosing the right public adjuster to hire your claim is an important process so it helps to know what to ask. Write down your list of questions, such as the following:

  1. What types of claims do you handle? Have you handled my type of claim?
  2. What about licenses? Are you licensed with the state? Is the company licensed?
  3. How long have you been in business?
  4. Can you provide references?
  5. How many claims are you currently handling? Will you be able to give enough attention to my claim?
  6. Will you be responsible for communication between myself and my insurance company?
  7. How long does the insurance claim process take?
  8. What are your fees? 
  9. What is your strategy for getting me the most from my claim?

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Fire Damage Insurance Claims in Tampa

Fire Damage Insurance Claims in Tampa: Should I Hire a Public Adjuster to Help Me?

A fire is one of the most devastating disasters you and your family can experience. So, do you really want to waste time on lengthy, complicated insurance claims when your time and energy need to be spent with loved ones? The truth is fire damage insurance claims in Tampa are better handled by an experienced public adjuster. 

Why Should I Choose a Public Adjuster to Handle My Fire Damage Insurance Claim?

The paperwork involved with insurance claims is incredibly complicated. While you should understand what your policy covers in the event of a fire, you don’t need to deal with the stress of filing a claim alone. 

Your public adjuster doesn’t work for the insurance company. They work for you. That means you have someone skilled in negotiation who is fully committed to getting you the highest possible settlement. 

What Else Should I Expect From My Public Adjuster?

Aside from tackling the paperwork and negotiating your settlement, you can trust your public adjuster to: 

  • Evaluate all life and safety issues
  • Create a strategy for filing your claim 
  • Thoroughly investigate all fire damage including hidden fire damage such as smoke damage, water damage, corrosion, mold, air quality problems, and odors
  • Document and substantiate every detail
  • Assist with arrangements for restoring your property
  • Keep you in the loop every step of the way

What Steps Should I Take If I Need to File Fire Damage Insurance Claims in Tampa?

Ideally, you’ll have kept your fire insurance policy somewhere safe and fireproof. If you don’t have a copy, get one from your insurance carrier right away and be sure to report the damage. 

You might also be eligible for an advance on your claim to cover your day-to-day expenses until you can move back into your home. Don’t forget to ask about that. 

You should make an inventory list of all you’ve lost, as well as document additional fire damage of which you are aware. Once you’ve gathered all the necessary documentation, it’s time you contact your public adjuster. 

Who Should I Depend On If I Need to File Fire Damage Insurance Claims in Tampa? 

Make the smart choice thousands of other residents just like you have made and call Darryl Davis and Associates. We understand how difficult life after a fire can be, and our job is to take the stress off you so you can focus your energy where it truly matters. If you have questions or need to file a claim, please contact us today at 954-709-3982.

Flood Damage Insurance Claims in Fort Lauderdale

Flood Damage Insurance Claims in Fort Lauderdale: Do I Need a Public Adjuster for ?

Did you know that approximately 25% of all flood damage claims in Florida come from low to moderate-risk areas? That means that even if you don’t live in what’s considered a danger zone, you’re still at risk for flooding. One day, you may find yourself in a position where you need to file flood damage insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale but do you need a public adjuster? You absolutely do, and here’s why.

How Will a Public Adjuster Help Me With My Flood Claim? Can’t I File On My Own?

Sure, you can but why would you? Hiring a public adjuster takes a tremendous burden off you. Insurance paperwork is a tricky business and instead of having to navigate it alone, you’ll have someone you can trust to do the hard work for you. 

Not a pro at negotiation? Not a problem! Your public adjuster is. They work for you and not the insurance company. That means they are dedicated to getting you the highest possible settlement from your claim. A public adjuster is especially necessary if you have a large claim to file.

So, What Do I Do If I Need to File a Flood Damage Insurance Claim in Fort Lauderdale? 

Before you ever experience a flood disaster, you should read your flood insurance policy thoroughly to make sure you understand the terms and conditions. If you have questions, a public adjuster can help with answers. 

There is likely a time limit in place and you’ll have a deadline to file, so make sure you contact your insurance carrier on time. Provide them with as many details as possible. Then, collect all documentation and contact your public adjuster. 

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Flood Damage Claim? 

Settling an insurance claim requires a bit of patience. If you’ve experienced flood damage, it’s likely many others have as well. Expect it to take weeks or months to receive your settlement, though a public adjuster can help speed the process for faster payment. 

Who Should I Trust With My Flood Damage Insurance Claims in Fort Lauderdale?

You’ll receive the highest quality, professional public adjuster services by choosing Darryl Davis and Associates. If you need to file a flood damage insurance claim, please contact us at 954-709-3982. Our team is ready to go to bat for you!