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What to Know About Commercial Building Insurance Claims in West Palm Beach

If you own commercial buildings, whether for retail space, office space, or any other purpose, chances are you pay a lot for insurance premiums. While insurance companies love receiving that monthly income from you and have no problem accepting it, they’re not as eager to hand out money for claims. Filing commercial building insurance claims in West Palm Beach can be a tricky process.

Not only can the claims process be hard, but getting the money you’re entitled to can be very difficult. You have to be willing to fight for every last dime that your policy covers. Hiring a public adjuster can help. Here’s what you should know about working with a public adjuster in South Florida.

A public adjuster can help you with your commercial building insurance claims in West Palm Beach.

Public adjusters are independent professionals that help settle insurance claims for both commercial and residential customers. They work with your insurance claim adjuster to settle your claim quickly and efficiently. They also help maximize your claim settlement, so you receive as much compensation as possible.

Public adjusters work for you, not the insurance company.

Unlike your claim representative from the insurance company who is looking out for the company’s best interest, public adjusters work directly for the insurance policy holder / claimant. Typically, they only get paid if you get paid. They often charge only a small percentage of your settlement. And the more you get compensated, the more they do as well. This means that they work diligently to get you the highest possible payment for your insurance claim.

A public adjuster helps with all types of commercial building insurance claims in West Palm Beach.

Whether a hurricane, flood, mold, fire, or other natural disaster damages your building, as long as your policy covers the damage, you can use a public adjuster for your claim.

Public adjusters understand the seriousness of the consequences that come from natural disasters. They want to help you get your building back up and running as soon as possible after a disaster. Adjusters can even make sure that your insurance coverage is more than adequate to cover any losses that may arise before an a disaster occurs.