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Is It a Good Idea to Use a Public Adjuster Near Orlando?

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Filing an insurance claim can be intimidating. The legal insurance jargon, the rules, the forms… it’s a lot to handle! So, what do you do? Should you stick with your insurance adjuster or hire a public adjuster near Orlando? Let’s take a look!

What Exactly Is a Public Adjuster Near Orlando?

This is someone you hire that works on your behalf to settle an insurance claim. A public adjuster near Orlando is a huge help if you are having trouble navigating the process. 

Hiring a Public Adjuster Near Orland for a Large Claim Is a Great Idea

If you’re dealing with some type of significant damage to your home, you may be concerned about having all expenses covered. This is where a public adjuster works for your advantage. 

Your insurance adjuster works for the insurance company. Your public adjuster works for you. Yes, you will pay a percentage of your settlement to cover the fees, but your public adjuster near Orlando will step up to the plate and do the negotiating for you to ensure you get the best possible payout.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Too Overwhelmed

Facing a significant loss can be incredibly stressful both emotionally and mentally. If you’re facing a difficult claims process that’s become overwhelming, it’s good to hire a public adjuster to carry a lot of the burden for you. 

Do This Before Hiring a Public Adjuster!

Not just anyone can be a public adjuster. It takes education and training, plus adherence to very strict standards set forth by the state in which they practice. This means you need to check their credentials carefully. 

Ideally, they should belong to the National Association of Public Adjusters. They should also be fingerprinted, bonded, and have passed a background check. 

Ask about negotiation skills and experience they’ve had with residential and commercial claims. Also, find out what kind of success they’ve had with filing claims similar to yours. 

Seeking a Public Adjuster Near Orlando? Let the Professionals at Darryl Davis & Associates Navigate Your Insurance Claim! 

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