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Lynne and Art Armstrong

Lynne and I have been through many hurricanes living in Florida since 2000. Hurricane Charley did some damage to our home and resulted in filing a claim. The claim was settled in six months with full restitution so we thought that was the way all claim settlement should go. We paid our annual premiums to Universal Properties for years thinking we were totally protected. Boy, were we wrong.

Charlie Dubbaneh, our neighbor, gave us your number and said we would be happy we had help with our claim since UPC and FIGA announced they were insolvent. Long story short and over a year negotiating with UPC and FIGA we got a settlement. It is not what you filed for us but in the end, it will take care of most of our repairs.

Lynne and I want to thank you and your team for all the hard work and aggravation you had to go through with the insurance companies and your clients. I’m sure you wanted to question why you took us on as customers.

It is like going to the doctor, you never want to go but when you need him, you are glad he is there to cure the pain. The same goes for Public Adjusters, we hope we will never need your services again but if we do you can count on us using your services again. You are the best!

Enclosed is the check for $11 thousand dollars per your contract.

Thanks again.