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What Does a Public Adjuster in Tampa Do?


While you may have heard of a public adjuster before, you may not be aware of everything they do. A public adjuster in Tampa is an advocate for insurance policy holders when they to file a claim. They are licensed insurance professionals who work with the insurance company’s claims adjuster. Public adjusters often offer services that also include risk analysis. This assessment helps to identify and manage risks that could potentially weaken or destroy your home or business.

A public adjuster in Tampa helps property owners filing insurance claims to receive maximum reimbursement as quickly as possible.

Public adjusters work with homeowners.

If you own a home, condo, townhome, apartment, or other property, you can hire a public adjuster. South Florida residents in Tampa, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Naples, and other surrounding areas can benefit from a property adjuster (PA) on their side to help make your claims process much easier. If you experience any damage to your dwelling from fire, flooding, wind, hurricane, or other cause, it’s best to maximize your settlement and get it quickly with the help of a PA.

They also work with commercial property owners.

As a commercial property owner, insurance may be one of your larger expenses. Unfortunately, insurance companies love accepting your premiums but don’t like paying out money that property owners are entitled to when filing a claim.

PA can help defend your claim to the insurance company, proving the extent of your loss and helping ensure that you are properly compensated for it. Common claims a public adjuster can help a commercial property owner with include flooding, hurricane, fire, and mold damage.

Put a Tampa PA to work for you, and focus on rebuilding the new instead of dealing with your claims adjuster.

Tired of trying to navigate your way through the tricky claims process? Let one of our public adjusters in Tampa handle it for you. Having to file a claim is devastating enough. Don’t make it any harder by worrying about all the red tape! An adjuster may help you get almost 5000% more than what your payout would’ve been with them fighting for you.