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3 Tips From a Public Adjuster in Miami on How to Get Your Claim Paid Sooner

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Any time your property is damaged, there is a process that follows that may seem stressful. Part of the recovery process is filing a claim with your insurance company, so they can get you or your contractor paid to get started on repairs. Whether it’s partial damage, or you’re displaced due to major damages, it’s important to get your claim paid as soon as possible so you have the resources you need. Here are tips from a public adjuster in Miami to help!

1. Start With Understanding Your Policy

It is important to understand what your policy covers to avoid any confusion between yourself and the insurance company. Looking over your policy every 6 months can help you be prepared in the event that a disaster occurs unexpectedly. It can also help you be prepared in the case that you know ahead of time that you’ll need repairs, such as from hurricane damage, so that you get the maximum claim amount. 

2. Now That You Understand What’s Inside Your Policy, File Your Claim ASAP

As with any type of insurance, it is important to file your claim as soon as possible after the event occurs to help maximize your benefits. Filing your claim soon after the event also shows the insurance company that you’re serious about the process and need to be compensated quickly.

3. The BEST Thing You Can Do Is Hire a Public Adjuster In Miami

Most people have heard of insurance adjusters and know the basic layout of what they do. They are the ones who process the claims and decide the amount of money you’ll receive based on the damages done and estimated repair costs. 

A public adjuster is similar in the fact that they negotiate prices. However, they are different because they don’t work for the insurance company – they work for YOU. They work side by side with you to negotiate with the insurance company, ensuring that you get the most out of your claim.

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