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5 Tips for Filing Fire Damage Insurance Claims in Orlando

Fire Damage Insurance Claim Orlando

If you’ve lost your business or your home and belongings in a fire, you’ll need to get your insurance claim paid quickly. Properly filing your claim and staying in close contact with the insurance company is imperative. Here are 5 tips for filing fire damage insurance claims in Orlando.

1. Time Is of the Essence, So File Fire Damage Insurance Claims in Orlando Quickly

After a fire, of course your survival instinct kicks in as you find alternate shelter and supplies to meet your immediate needs. The sooner you file your insurance claim after the fire, the better. Contact your insurance company as soon as you can after the fire to begin the claims process. Be sure you continue paying your insurance premiums.

2. Be Sure the Necessary Information Is in Your Claim

Filing a claim and getting it paid is time sensitive and time intensive. You’ll have countless encounters with the insurance company, their adjuster, and more. When you file your claim, be sure it contains all the information needed including the date of loss, location, type of loss, injuries, persons involved, condition of the property, damaged belongings, any temporary measures or repairs made, and a copy of any reports made by the authorities. The more complete the information you provide, the less back and forth contact is necessary.

3. Keep Detailed Documentation

Make a list of all the damage to the property and belongings as soon as possible. Do not clean up or throw anything away until the company adjuster has visited. Take pictures. Keep your list and photos. Keep originals of everything, and send copies to the insurance company. Make notes, and keep any paperwork from all interactions with the company. Also, keep notes and documents for repairs and estimates so you’ll have them on record.

4. Keep Receipts and Records for Living Expenses

In the event of a fire, the home and belongings are often unusable. You’ll have to make other arrangements. Your insurance payment includes money for loss of use to compensate you for your living expenses. Keep careful documentation of your living expenses for fire damage insurance claims in Orlando.

5. Hire a Public Adjuster for Fire Damage Insurance Claims in Orlando

A public adjuster (PA) is an industry professional who works on your behalf on all aspects of your claim to ensure the claim is complete and gets paid quickly. Hiring a public adjuster often results in better compensation for your claim.

Do You Need an Experienced Public Adjuster?

The PAs at Darryl Davis and Associates have years of experience assisting clients with the insurance claims process. We know you need your claim handled quickly, and we work hard to get you the payment you deserve. Contact us for a free consultation about your claim in Orlando today at 954-709-3982.