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5 Tips to Prevent Mold Growth and Damage After Flooding

Prevent Mold Growth From Flood

Flooding doesn’t always end with water damage. Mold growth and the resulting damage can further devastate a property over time. During flooding, water seeps into hidden places and all that trapped moisture weakens the structure and allows mold to grow. After a water leak or flooding, you need to take steps to keep away hidden moisture and growth of mold within 48 hours. Here’s how to prevent mold damage.

1. Clean Up Water to Help Prevent Mold Growth

Hire a professional to deal with potentially contaminated water. Removing all the water quickly is key to prevent further structural damage and to prevent growth of mold.

2. Remove Wet Carpet and Drywall

Mold begins to grow within a day or two after flooding. Wet carpet holds moisture and traps moisture in the subflooring and concrete below. Remove affected carpet and rugs as soon as possible. Rugs may be able to be dried outdoors. Remove damp drywall and subfloor to prevent growth of mold in and behind the materials.

3. Dry Completely and Dehumidify

A complete dry out is necessary to stop mold growth. Your professionals should mop up any water that wasn’t vacuumed up during the initial water cleanup. Industrial fans should also be used to speed up drying. Humidity should also be measured and dehumidifiers used to assist with the drying out process.

4. Sanitize the Space

Flood water may be contaminated. It’s essential to completely sanitize the space. Do not use bleach. Bleach is most effective on surfaces that are already clean, so it’s not the best choice. A cleaning solution should be used that eliminates both bacteria and mold. 

5. Make Sure Your Property Is Draining Effectively to Prevent Mold Growth

Ensure that additional water won’t seep out anywhere. Make sure drainage is working properly. Look for signs of standing water or moisture. Downspouts should extend 6 feet away from the perimeter. Land should also slope away from your foundation to prevent water collecting at the foundation.

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