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5 Warning Signs Your Pipes Might Fail and Cause Water Damage, Causing You to File an Insurance Claim

Water Damage from Plumbing

Water damage and the resulting mold from plumbing failures are one of the leading causes of insurance claims. It’s important to be sure your policy covers your property, so be sure that you understand your coverage before you ever have to make a claim. Just as importantly, pay attention, as some plumbing issues can be avoided. Here are five warning signs your pipes in your plumbing are going to fail and cause water damage.

#1: Low Water Pressure

Keep an eye out for changes in water pressure throughout your home. Low water pressure may be the sign of a leak either in the water line or even in your water heater. If you notice water pressure changes, get the issue fixed before a plumbing emergency.

#2: Signs of Leaks

Sometimes major leaks begin with slow leaks. Take a tour of your visible pipes, especially where they join. Discolored pipes may point to an issue. Moisture on the pipes is a big indicator of a potential problem that could become an even bigger problem if left unrepaired.

#3: Sluggish Drains

If your water is draining slowly, check all your drains. If it’s just one drain, it may be a simple repair. Sluggish drains throughout the home may be a symptom of a larger problem in the sewer line. Before a back up, have your drains inspected by a professional plumber.

#4: Problems With Floors or Ceilings and Walls

Leaks may affect the floors, walls, or ceilings of your home. Bubbling, peeling, or staining of the paint on the walls or ceilings are a sign of a growing plumbing problem. Floors around toilets or other plumbing fixtures may soften in the presence of water.

#5: A Jump in Your Water Bill

Surprised by a big increase in your water bill? Unless you recently filled your pool, a change is worthy of investigation. A continual leak or a running toilet may be responsible. Get it in check before it becomes a bigger issue.

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