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Public Adjuster West Palm Beach FL

When to Hire a Public Adjuster in West Palm Beach

Insurance adjusters work to evaluate the extent of damage after a devastating event has led to a filed insurance claim for damage from winds, hurricanes, fires, and more. The insurance company will send their own adjuster out to investigate the damages to help determine the amount the company offers on your claim. A public adjuster is West Palm Beach can be hired by the policyholder (you) to work on your behalf and in your best interest, so you get the best possible compensation for your loss.

When to Hire a Public Adjuster in West Palm Beach

Anyone filing an insurance claim should also consider hiring their own public adjuster (PA), especially if the claim amount is high. The insurance company’s adjuster works in the best interest of the company, while the adjuster you hire will work in your best interest.

What a Public Adjuster Does

Public adjusters are professionals. They have prior experience in the industry and use their knowledge to handle the complicated process of evaluating damages and completing initial and supplementary claims for the policyholder. Expertise in insurance policies and in the details of handling all aspects of a claim is used to achieve the best compensation for their client. 

Why Hire a PA

Often, the policyholder will overlook costs in their calculations. Hiring a PA means that the adjuster attends to the details for you and completes an accurate and detailed claim covering all losses and expenses related to the losses. 

Choosing the Right Public Adjuster in West Palm Beach

Seek out an experienced public adjuster . Look at the types of claims they work, how long they have practiced, and their individual background. Most of the time, these details can be found on their company website. Read reviews on the adjusters you are considering, and also ask friends and family for referrals.

If you need representation for your insurance claim and are looking for a public adjuster in West Palm Beach, Darryl Davis and Associates have the experience and professional expertise you need to get the most out of your claim. Schedule a free consultation with Darryl Davis, Public Adjuster by calling 954-709-3982 today!

Condo Insurance Claim Fort Lauderdale FL

What to Know About Condo Insurance Claims in Fort Lauderdale

Every single day, condo owners need to file insurance claims to cover losses. Whether it is a flood from a broken appliance, fire, hurricane, or another disaster, you could find yourself needing to do an insurance claim on your condo at any time. So if you need to file condo insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale, here is what you need to know.

What should your condo insurance cover?

Condo insurance, or HO-6 insurance, is intended to cover damage within the four walls of your condo. It should cover your flooring, appliances, and other items in your condo. There are some exceptions to this depending on the master policy your condo’s HOA carries, so it is important to check their policy.

When should you file condo insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale?

You should only file a claim if the cost of repairing the damage or replacing items is going to cost more than your deductible. If it is less than your deductible, then you do not need to file a claim, as it may raise your rates. Insurance generally does not cover basic wear and tear, such as an old refrigerator that quits working or a water heater that rusts out, so these are not items you should file a claim for. However, if your washing machine hose goes bad and water floods your condo, then you should file a claim if the cost raises above your deductible AND you have the proper coverage. 

Do you need to get help?

Figuring out if you should file, how much your claim is worth, or even if the damage is your responsibility or the responsibility of your HOA can be overwhelming. You do not need to go it alone. A public adjuster can help to determine who needs to fix the damage and how much it costs.

Public adjuster, Darryl Davis, can help you navigate your condo insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale!

Do not go it alone with your insurance claim. Darryl Davis and associates are trained to help you get the most out of your condo claim. Call us today at 954-709-3982 to find out how we can help you with your condo insurance claim in Fort Lauderdale!

Condo Insurance Claims Miami FL

What Homeowners Should Know Before Filing Condo Insurance Claims in Miami

When you own a condominium, there is gray area when it comes to who is responsible for damages should something happen to your condo. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, when you own a condo it is in a larger building, so you only own the space within the walls of your condo. Second, many condominiums are under an HOA and you pay a monthly fee for your condo. Because of this, there is a master insurance policy under your HOA you may need to file under. Here is what you need to know before filing condo insurance claims in Miami.

What insurance should you have on your condo?

Condominium insurance is called HO-6 insurance and is very similar to the insurace you would carry on a house. HO-6 insurance covers anything that occurs within the walls of your personal condo space. HO-6 covers personal property loss and damage as well as liability should someone get hurt. Generally, theft is also covered under your condo insurance. Of course, it is important you keep a good inventory list of items in your condo.

What is an HOA Master Policy?

When you move into a condo, it is important to get a copy of the HOA Master Policy. This policy outlines what damages the HOA is responsible for. You can expect the master policy to cover damage that occurs in common areas of the building and outdoor space, as well as the building structure. So if a flood occurs in the lobby, the HOA’s policy covers the damages.

Which policy do you file under for condo insurance claims in Miami?

While some claims are obvious as to which insurance you should file under, other claims are more ambiguous. For instance, if the roof leaks and your ceiling and belongings are damaged, which insurance should you file under? When you read through the HOA’s master policy, you are going to see the terms “all-in” and “bare-walls-in”. All-in covers either all or part of an incident such as a roof leak or a frozen pipe that bursts. It also may cover flooring, plumbing, electrical, and appliances in your condo. Bare-walls-in do not cover anything that is within the walls of your condo unit.

Florida public adjusters can help navigate your condo insurance claim in Miami

Trying to figure out whose insurance is responsible for a claim can be a real headache. A public adjuster can help to determine who is responsible for your damages, as well as properly assess the dame, so you can quickly get a fair settlement. Call us at 954-709-3982 to meet with a public adjuster in Miami today.

Public Adjuster Miami FL

How to Find a Good Public Adjuster in Miami After a House Fire

After disaster strikes and your home is damaged or destroyed by a house fire, the best thing you can do after calling your insurance company is to contact a public adjuster. While filing a claim will automatically mean that you are assigned a claims adjuster, they will be working for the insurance company. A public adjuster in Miami works for you to help ensure that you receive the settlement you’re entitled to.

What to Look for in a Public Adjuster in Miami

After you decide to hire a PA, here’s what you need to know about finding the best one.

Ask about licensing. The State of Florida requires public adjusters to be licensed to legally perform their job duties. This helps protect consumers by ensuring that PAs are properly bonded. Public adjusters must pass an exam to be licensed. This is to protect their customers against any issues that could arise from lack of knowledge.

Look for experience and reputation. When calling a public adjuster, ask about their relevant experience specific to house fires. Search online for reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List, and other sites to see what customers are saying about working with local PAs.

Inquire about fees and contract. A reputable PA is upfront and honest about all fees you may incur for their services. Ask if they provide you with a written contract to help protect you as the homeowner against any unforeseen issues. Check with other local PAs to ensure the fee is reasonable and competitive based on your insurance claim.

You’re Entitled to Hire a Public Adjuster for Your Fire Damage Claim

Oftentimes, people are unaware that they can hire their own public adjuster (PA) to represent them during the claims process after fire damage to the home. This is quite unfortunately, as homeowners with a public adjuster advocating on their behalf typically receive higher payments and quicker settlements. PAs have a full understanding of the complexity of insurance claims, as well as the complexities of estimating repair / rebuild costs. Put the best public adjuster in Miami to work for you by calling us today at 954-709-3982.

Public Adjuster in Naples FL

When Should You Contact a Public Adjuster in Naples

When you file an insurance claim after flood damage or other disaster and you’re asked to estimate the cost, do you really know the full value of everything? Sure, you have receipts for your TV, entertainment center, couches, etc. But what about the expenses to replace the flooring and walls? Insulation? Structural damage? A public adjuster in Naples can help ensure you get the actual cost to rebuild just right.

A public adjuster (PA) helps you navigate the insurance claims process after loss from damage. PAs help you better understand your coverage, conditions of your claim, and other aspects of the process that may be complicated or confusing, especially after you’ve suffered a loss. They act as your representative, similar to the way the claims adjuster acts on behalf of the insurance company.

You should hire a public adjuster when filing an insurance claim for any of the following:

Fire Damage

Flood Damage

Hurricane or High Wind Damage

Plumbing Damage


You can also hire a public adjuster in Naples BEFORE disaster strikes.

It’s always better to be prepared. That is especially true when it comes to insurance claims. You may think you’re properly protected – until your claim is denied.

A public adjuster can review your current policy and let you know of any gaps in coverage there may be that would be financially catastrophic if a disaster such as a fire or flood were to happen. Many policyholders are unfortunately caught off guard when filing a claim. But you don’t have to be. With a risk analysis from a public adjuster, you can avoid worry of being underinsured.

Anyone who is insured can benefit from hiring a public adjuster when filing a claim.

Not only can homeowners benefit from the services of a PA, but so can owners of condos, yachts, and trailers. Public adjusters work with any policyholders who need to file a claim and want to receive maximum compensation as quickly as possible.

In addition to residential and boat services, PAs often work with commercial property owners. People who own office building, retail space, and / or industrial structures can benefit from having a public adjuster on their side.