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Flood Damage Insurance Claim in Tampa

Will Your Flood Damage Insurance Claim in Tampa Be Paid?

Flood damage is often an unfortunate part of living in Florida. This hardship can be made even worse if your insurance carrier refuses to cover the damage. So, how can you make payment from your insurance claim more likely? Here’s what factors into the likelihood your flood damage insurance claim in Tampa is paid.

The Details of Your Policy Indicate Whether Your Flood Damage Insurance Claim in Tampa Will Be Covered

Your insurance policy is the biggest variable when it comes to whether you have a legitimate claim. First, flooding is usually only covered if your policy has added flood insurance. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that they didn’t have the proper coverage before a major event like water damage, so be sure to review your policy before disaster strikes.

Make Sure to Prepare Proper Documentation

It is very important to document any damage as soon as you can. Make a list of your belongings before any damage occurs, so you have a record. If something happens, take more photos and videos, and make notes about everything that was affected.  

Negotiation Is Key

Flood damage insurance claims can be an ongoing process. While this can be annoying, the process also leaves room for you to negotiate. After your insurance company gives you the first settlement, you can dispute any issues you see. In some cases, more damages such as mold may occur later if the water is not properly cleaned up, and this can make you eligible for additional compensation. 

A public adjuster will make things much easier for you when it comes to negotiation. They know the ins and outs of the insurance business, and they can use that knowledge to help you quickly get the money you deserve. 

Your Flood Damage Insurance Claim in Tampa Is in Good Hands With Darryl Davis & Associates!

Darryl and team are here to help you with your flood damage insurance claim in Tampa. Make an appointment with us by calling 954-709-3982 as soon as possible. We offer risk analysis too, giving homeowners peace of mind to ensure they have the right policies in place before a hurricane, water leak, or other major destructive event.

Mold & Mold Remediation Claims in Naples

Can I Dispute My Mold & Mold Remediation Insurance Claim in Naples if the Insurance Company Didn’t Pay?

While Florida is a beautiful state with plenty of fun things to do, unfortunately the climate makes homes prone to water damage and mold. If your insurance company has failed to pay your mold & mold remediation insurance claim in Naples, you likely want to know if you can dispute that lack of payment. Here is what you need to know about disputing a mold claim.  

Why Was My Claim Denied?

Ask your insurance company why exactly your claim was denied. If you still are not sure, here is what you should know about mold insurance claims.

Many insurance policies cover mold damage. Unfortunately, this coverage can be very limited since, the only mold covered is that which is caused by water damage that is covered by the insurance policy.

For water damage to be covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy, it must be sudden and from an internal source. This damage can not be the result of flooding, since that occurrence is covered by a separate insurance policy. This means that the mold can not be the result of neglect or flooding. 

Often, a homeowner’s insurance policy will only cover a certain amount of mold damage. For example, if your policy states that it only covers $10,000 in mold damage, you only be able to receive that amount, even if the cost of the repairs is significantly more.

An insurance company may also deduct a certain amount from that $10,000 to pay for the investigation of your claim. So, you may actually get less than the $10,000. 

Can I Dispute a Rejection of My Mold & Mold Remediation Insurance Claim in Naples?

You may be able to dispute a refusal of your claim if you believe that your insurance company was not true to your policy. For example, if your insurance company mis-idetified the cause of the mold, this can be a reason to dispute the claim.

If you talk to an experienced public adjuster, they may be able to identify other parts of your policy that could reimburse you for damages. 

Effectively Dispute Your Mold / Remediation Insurance Claims With Darryl Davis & Associates!

Breathe easier with help for your mold and mold remediation insurance claims in Naples from Darryl Davis & Associates! We are very experienced in helping people deal with mold-related insurance claims. Make an appointment by calling us at 954-709-3982 today!

Water Damage Insurance Claims in West Palm Beach

Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Water Damage Claims in West Palm Beach?

Incurring water damage in your home is very frustrating. In Florida in particular, you are likely to face a number of sources of water damage. After a flood, hurricane, burst water pipe, or other disaster, you’re probably wondering if your insurance covers water damage claims in West Palm Beach. Here is what you need to know about water damage claims.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover General Water Damage Claims in West Palm Beach?

Most homeowners insurance policies cover certain types of water damage. Unfortunately, this coverage area can get more complicated than is ideal.

In general, water damage is only covered by homeowners insurance if it occurs as a result of an internal source and happens suddenly. This means that gradual damage is not usually covered by homeowners insurance.

Some issues covered by water damage include storms, burst pipes, accidental appliance overflow, vandalism, and damage from extinguishing a fire. These causes are all accidental and are not the result of neglect or external flooding.

Flooding is not covered by homeowners insurance due to the existence of separate flood insurance policies. Flash flooding and storm surges are both considered types of flooding. This category does not include issues from inside your house like a burst pipe.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hidden Water Damage Claims?

Hidden water damage is often considered to be a result of gradual water damage, so it is frequently not covered by homeowners insurance. This might include situations like pipe backups, neglected pipes, and seepage from outside.

Mold can result from water damage, and this can be bad for your own health as well as the health of your home. If you encounter mold damage as a result of water damage, your policy will likely only cover it if the policy covers that type of water damage. Often, the insurance policy will cover a certain amount of mold damage. 

Who Can Help Me With My Water Damage Claims Near Palm Beach?

Contact Darryl Davis & Associates for help with your water damage claims in West Palm Beach. Our goal is to help you understand water damage insurance claims so that you are properly reimbursed. Call us today at 954-709-3982 to make an appointment!

Water Damage from Plumbing

5 Warning Signs Your Pipes Might Fail and Cause Water Damage, Causing You to File an Insurance Claim

Water damage and the resulting mold from plumbing failures are one of the leading causes of insurance claims. It’s important to be sure your policy covers your property, so be sure that you understand your coverage before you ever have to make a claim. Just as importantly, pay attention, as some plumbing issues can be avoided. Here are five warning signs your pipes in your plumbing are going to fail and cause water damage.

#1: Low Water Pressure

Keep an eye out for changes in water pressure throughout your home. Low water pressure may be the sign of a leak either in the water line or even in your water heater. If you notice water pressure changes, get the issue fixed before a plumbing emergency.

#2: Signs of Leaks

Sometimes major leaks begin with slow leaks. Take a tour of your visible pipes, especially where they join. Discolored pipes may point to an issue. Moisture on the pipes is a big indicator of a potential problem that could become an even bigger problem if left unrepaired.

#3: Sluggish Drains

If your water is draining slowly, check all your drains. If it’s just one drain, it may be a simple repair. Sluggish drains throughout the home may be a symptom of a larger problem in the sewer line. Before a back up, have your drains inspected by a professional plumber.

#4: Problems With Floors or Ceilings and Walls

Leaks may affect the floors, walls, or ceilings of your home. Bubbling, peeling, or staining of the paint on the walls or ceilings are a sign of a growing plumbing problem. Floors around toilets or other plumbing fixtures may soften in the presence of water.

#5: A Jump in Your Water Bill

Surprised by a big increase in your water bill? Unless you recently filled your pool, a change is worthy of investigation. A continual leak or a running toilet may be responsible. Get it in check before it becomes a bigger issue.

Serious Water Damage? Get Help With Your Insurance Claim From Our Public Adjusters!

Hire a pro to help you handle your insurance claim, so you get the compensation you’re entitled to as quickly as possible. Call Darryl Davis and Associates and get a public adjuster on your side. For a consultation in West Palm Beach or other nearby community, contact us at 954-709-3982!