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Filing a Claim for Yacht Damage in Fort Myers? Here’s What You Should Know First

Yacht Damage Claims Fort Myers

A yacht cruise can be a most relaxing getaway. But what if, during your trip, your yacht becomes damaged? Do you know the first steps you should take? Before filing your claim, here’s what you should do when you experience yacht damage in Fort Myers.

Make Sure Everyone Involved Is Safe

Your first priority needs to be making sure there are no injuries. If another vessel is involved, check on the welfare of those passengers as well. Seek immediate medical care for anyone who needs it.

Notify the Proper Authorities

Boating accidents of any kind should be reported to the Coast Guard as well as local authorities. An investigation will need to be done, so it’s important to get officials on the scene as soon as possible.

Secure Your Yacht

If damage has been done to your yacht, it’s necessary to secure it as soon as you can. Make sure this can be done safely and without further injury to any passengers.

Gather Information

If your yacht damage in Fort Myers is due to another vessel, you’ll need to get the owner’s information – full name, address, and insurance provider, as well as the boat’s name, make, and model.

Make note of the date, time, and place the damage occurred, and if possible, take photos of both vessels. If there were witnesses, it’s a good idea to get their account of what they saw, as well as their name and contact information.

Notify Your Insurance Provider

As soon as you are safely ashore, you’ll need to call your insurance provider to report the damage. Provide them with all information and photos you’ve obtained.

To Maximize Your Claim, Your Final Step Should Be Contacting a Public Adjuster to Report Your Yacht Damage in Fort Myers

Because yacht insurance is unique, you should choose an experienced public adjuster like D. Davis & Associates to handle your claim. Our experts will take over processing your claim to get you the best settlement possible because we work for you and not the insurance company. If you’ve recently experienced yacht damage or need insurance coverage, contact us today at 954-709-3982 for a free consultation.