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What to Know About Filing Wind/Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims in Naples

Wind/Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims Naples FL

Wind damage is one of the most common insurance claims filed. Damages from strong storms can be vast and even completely destructive. Hurricane losses are also prevalent in some areas. Home policies that cover wind/hurricane damage insurance claims in Naples often provide loss of use coverage for living expenses while your home is being repaired.

Wind/hurricane damage insurance claims in Naples can be confusing, so here are some things to know.

Policy Details
Be familiar with your policy – sometimes there are ambiguous limits, so know the details. For example, failure to take reasonable actions to mitigate the damage, like covering the leaking areas with a tarp, could affect your ability to make a claim. Know your policy time limits for making claims.

Understand your deductibles and know how much you will be responsible for paying in the event of a wind or hurricane damage claim. Homeowners are subject to paying hurricane deductibles before the insurance claim will be paid out. In the state of Florida, hurricane claim guidelines are set by the state, so all insurance companies use the same criteria. Additionally, the hurricane deductible can be applied only one time per hurricane season. Be familiar with the amount of your deductible before disasters happen.

Always have up-to-date photos of your home, inside and out, including all of your possessions. Take photographs of receipts or paperwork for valuable items and store them digitally. That way, even originals are destroyed, you’ll still have access to them. After a storm, photograph the damages. Keep receipts for living expenses if you need to relocate. And make detailed notes of each conversation with your insurance company.

Public Adjusters
The insurance company will have an adjuster working on its behalf. You have the right to hire your own private adjuster who will act in your best interest when you are filing wind/hurricane damage insurance claims in Naples. A private adjuster can help you get a quicker and more fully compensated result for your claim.

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