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What Is the Difference Between an Independent Adjuster and Public Adjuster in Fort Meyers?

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Have you started the claims process on your insurance policy after damage? After you file an insurance claim, an adjuster is automatically assigned to you. There are different types of adjusters, including both independent and public adjusters. But what is the difference in the two? What does an independent adjuster do that a public adjuster in Fort Meyers doesn’t, and vice versa?

Let’s take a look at the difference between an independent and a public adjuster in Fort Meyers.

An Independent Adjuster Looks Out Only for the Insurance Company

Independent claims adjusters are either employed or contracted by the company to represent them. Independent adjusters evaluate and adjust your claim on behalf on the business and are not necessarily looking out for your best interest. They are beholden only to the insurance company with whom you filed your claim.

A Public Adjuster in Fort Meyers Is an Advocate for Policyholders

Public adjusters (PAs) are hired by and work directly on behalf of the person filing the claim. While you do pay out of pocket for public adjuster services, they don’t get paid unless you do. Typically, the fee is a very small percentage of your settlement, and with a PA your settlement is usually larger than what you would get on your own. When you hire a PA, claims are often paid faster as well.

Public adjusters can work with homeowners filing claims to repair damage from any of the following:

You Should hire a Public Adjuster When Filing a Claim as a Policyholder

Insurance companies have someone on their side to make sure they get the best deal. You should too! If you’re filing a claim on your homeowner’s policy, you should call a public adjuster who will fight for you.

A great public adjuster in Fort Meyers will help you navigate the complicated claims process. They can document all of your losses, file and expedite your claim, ensure that your settlement is fair, maximize your payment amount, and offer other assistance through the process. Let them handle the paperwork and other tedious concerns while you focus on rebuilding.