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What You Should Know About Mold & Mold Remediation Insurance Claims in Fort Lauderdale

Mold Remediation Insurance Claims Fort Lauderdale FL

One important thing to know about mold is that it’s a pretty big deal. Mold grows quickly, exists everywhere in small amounts, and is toxic to inhale. You can always count on it to spread in moist conditions. Be prepared to experience mold if you’ve experienced flooding in your home. Now that you know what to expect, what should you know about dealing with mold & mold remediation insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale?

Which policy covers mold remediation?

A homeowners insurance policy covers many dilemmas, but they’re also full of fine print and technicalities. Many homeowner policies will cover mold remediation as long as the source of the mold pertains to another catastrophe covered by the policy. It’s safe to expect that damage to water pipes will cover water damage as well as resulting mold. However, mold as a result of natural flooding is not covered unless you have taken out flood insurance. Understanding this in advance will save you significant time and money later.

Mold remediation is a large undertaking.

After a flood or water leak, the reason families are forced out of their homes temporarily is not just because it’s uncomfortable living among the wreck. Mold thrives in a flooded home and is very dangerous to inhale in large quantities. Mold remediation is performed in steps that ensure not only the level of mold in your home is reduced, but also that air is filtered and moisture-retaining surfaces are removed to prevent mold from coming back. There are steps to contain the mold, steps to clean remaining property, and steps to restore the home. It’s a hefty job!

Get it done right the first time with help for your mold & mold remediation insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale.

When you’re counting on your insurance company to provide for you in your time of need you can’t afford to settle for less. Insurance companies will often deny mold & mold remediation claims in Fort Lauderdale, or offer to cover significantly less than what a proper repair costs. Insurance disputes can be lengthy and confusing. And, in the time you’re waiting for resolution, the spread of mold quickly becomes worse in the walls and furniture of your damaged home. 

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