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3 Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster for Major Plumbing Damage Insurance Claims in Fort Lauderdale

Flood Damage Insurance Claim in Tampa

No one is ever properly prepared for the financial and emotional devastation of flooding or plumbing damage to their home. Even if you have the proper insurance coverage in place and have an itemized log of your belongings, you still have to navigate the tricky process of filing an insurance claim and making sure you receive the compensation you deserve. After you experience plumbing damage, you should call a public adjustor immediately to help you best position your major plumbing damage insurance claim in Fort Lauderdale for success.

1. When filing major plumbing damage insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale, a public adjustor is your advocate.

A public adjuster works with the insurance company’s claims adjustor for YOU, as your advocate. You hire them, so you receive the maximum allowable compensation. Experienced adjusters evaluate damage, determine rebuilding costs, expedite the claims process, and ensure that claims are paid. They go to bat for you, so your claim is processed and paid as quickly as possible. Adjusters also make sure that claims are paid properly, so that you don’t cash a check labeled “Full and Final Settlement” if the insurance company has not paid for everything the claim covers.

2. A public adjuster makes sure you don’t settle for anything less than what you’re entitled to.

After plumbing damage, many homeowners feel utterly exhausted. Unfortunately, that can be prime time for insurance companies to take advantage of the situation. They know that you just want to whole process to be over and done with as quickly as possible. You’re rightfully frustrated. But settling for less than what you deserve just to close the claim shortchanges you. Having a public adjuster on your side to fight for you ensures that you won’t fall victim to the insurance company underestimating the replacement cost of your belongings.

3. Public adjusters make sure that the estimate is complete for the full scope of your repairs.

Plumbing issues such as leaky dishwashers or other appliances, drain pipe leaks, or toilet or tub overflows can lead to a lot of other unseen damages in the home. A public adjuster determines all necessary repairs, ensuring your claim covers the total cost of work that needs done. From mold cleanup to dry out charges, they accurately detail the full scope of work. This makes sure your home returns to its pre-plumbing damage state.