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Before You File Fire Damage Insurance Claims in Fort Myers, Read This

Fire Damage Insurance Claim Fort Myers

Fire damage and the resulting destruction from smoke is, unfortunately, a far too common insurance claim. While hopefully it never happens to you, it’s always good to be prepared and understand your insurance policy. Here are important steps to take for fire damage insurance claims in Fort Myers.

Step One: Contact Your Insurance Company and Meet with Their Adjuster

Once everyone is safe, it’s important to contact your insurance company, even if the damage seems minor. Filing your fire damage insurance claims in Fort Myers quickly for any fire, whether it’s minor kitchen fires, wildfires, or major house fires, is key to getting your claim paid as soon as possible and getting your life back on track. The company sends their adjuster to inspect the damage. Be sure to document your meeting.

Step Two: Document Everything

Get copies of police reports. Write down detailed notes of conversations with your insurance company or anyone you speak to regarding your claim. Document all damages to your home and possessions using photo and video when possible. 

Step Three: Take Precautions to Prevent Further Loss

This important step protects your home and possessions and is probably required by your insurance policy. Securing the home, taking steps to prevent weather from coming in and doing more damage helps prevent theft, vandalism, and further damage from the elements.

Step Four: Understand Your Coverage

Policy maximums and deductibles for each type of coverage are important to understand. Coverage A covers the physical structure of your home and pays for repair or rebuild. Coverage C covers your possessions within the home that are lost or damaged in a fire. Coverage D covers your living expenses if you aren’t able to live in your fire-damaged home. Be sure you have the proper insurance coverage for each before you suffer a loss.

Step Five: Hire a Public Adjuster for Fire Damage Insurance Claims in Fort Myers

A public adjuster (PA) works for you to handle all aspects of your fire damage claim in Fort Myers during this complicated and stressful time. Hiring a PA gives you someone on your side who knows the ins and outs of claims to get your claim paid quickly and completely.

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