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Can I Do My Own Repairs for Residential Building Insurance Claims in Miami?

Residential Insurance Claims in Miami

Damage to your property can be stressful, and dealing with the source of the damage and filing insurance claims can be even more difficult. You may feel as if everything is out of your hands, and you may be looking for ways to regain some control over the situation.  If you are handy, you probably want to know if you can use the money from residential building insurance claims in Miami to pay for repair work you do yourself.

Can Insurance Claim Money Be Used for Repairs That I Do Myself?

In Florida, “right to repair” provisions are common in homeowner’s insurance policies. These provisions gives the insurer control over which contractor can perform the repairs that they are paying for. As a result of these policies, homeowners can’t choose their preferred contractor or use the money to perform repairs themselves. 

In some cases, your insurance company will allow you to do your own repairs to your residential building. The insurance company will require varying levels of supervision of the repairs, depending on the severity of the damage and the company’s own policies. The simpler the work, the more likely an insurance company is to let you do the repairs yourself. You will be required to have a licence to carry out the work. 

You will also need to consider if your mortgage lender has anything to say about how repairs are done on your property. It may end up being a mortgage lender who does not allow you to do your own repairs. 

What Else Should I Consider if I Want to Do My Own Repairs?

Safety should be the main thing. Consider whether the repairs that need to be done are truly within your abilities. The next thing you should consider is cost. Assess whether the cost of you doing your own repairs will be more or less than a repair person chosen by an insurance company. Contractors often get discounts on supplies, making it more affordable in the long run.

Who Can Help Me Figure Out Residential Building Insurance Claims in Miami?

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