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Insurance Claims in Tampa 101: Understanding the Claims Process

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In the event of a covered disaster such as fire, in order to get payment from your insurance company, you’ll have to submit a claim. While each claim may have its unique ins and outs, there are some basic steps in the process. Brush up on your understanding of insurance claims in Tampa with this brief intro into the claims process.

Contact the Insurance Company

If a loss has occurred, even if you’re not sure if it’s covered, contact the insurance company as soon as possible. Fill them in on the details, and take the time to understand your insurance coverage and responsibilities to mitigate further loss. Be aware of time limits on filing a claim. Also, document all conversations with the insurance company in regards to the potential claim.

Carefully Document and Fill Out any Paperwork Necessary for Insurance Claims in Tampa

Keep detailed receipts and records of your property to help make the claims process easier. Take photographs of damages, and keep careful documentation. Get police reports if needed. Carefully read and fill out paperwork to make the claim.

Meet With the Adjuster

The insurance company sends out an adjuster to work on their behalf to survey the damages and estimate expenses for repairs and replacements. Know that you can also hire your own public adjuster to work on your behalf to help you with all aspects of your claim. 

Pay Your Deductible for Insurance Claims in Tampa

Before payment, you’ll likely pay your policy’s deductible. This is the amount of money you owe before a claim will be paid.

Accept or Appeal the Settlement Offered

After the company approves the claim, a settlement is offered. You do not have to accept a settlement that does not meet your expectations for complete repair or replacement. Consider an appeal if the settlement is not adequate.

For Professional Assistance From a Public Adjuster on Your Side, Contact Darryl Davis

The public adjusters at Darryl Davis and Associates have the experience you need to ensure all aspects of the claims details are met. We work on your behalf to get you a faster and more complete settlement for insurance claims in Tampa. Contact us today at 954-709-3982.