September Is the Most Active Month for Hurricanes in the World. Do You Know How to Prepare for a Hurricane? - Darryl Davis
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September Is the Most Active Month for Hurricanes in the World. Do You Know How to Prepare for a Hurricane?

Hurricane Preparation

Before the next big storm, taking steps to prepare ahead of time is essential to helping protect your investment. Here’s what you need to do to prepare for a hurricane to help minimize damage from winds and other storm-related concerns.

Understand Your Risk

It’s important to understand how your home’s location affects your risk. Is your home in a hurricane evacuation area? Find out before a storm strikes by checking the NOAA website. If you need assistance with understanding risk to your home, hiring a public adjuster for a risk assessment gives you detailed information not only about hurricane risk, but other risks as well.

Gather Emergency Supplies to Help Prepare for a Hurricane

Be ready by gathering supplies early before stores sell out. Make sure you have flashlights, batteries, a radio that is either battery powered or crankable, food and water for several days for each person, sheets of plastic and duct tape, first aid supplies and medications, basic tools, masks to keep out dust and debris, and cell phones with a battery charger, as well as anything else you may need.

Prepare Your Home to Minimize Damage

Keeping trees trimmed around your home helps decrease chances of dead limbs or broken branches damaging your home. Have the materials you need to protect your windows from breaking. Many homeowners board up windows to reduce shattering. When a storm is imminent, bring in objects that might blow over or blow against structures and do damage. Things like planters, garbage cans, and patio furniture should be secured. Park vehicles inside a garage for better protection.

Consider Your Insurance Policy to Help Prepare for a Hurricane

Be familiar with your property insurance policy, so you’ll know what is covered and what steps you are required to take to prepare your property before a storm so that any damage will be covered. If you need additional coverage, add it before the storm. Flood insurance is important because flooding is one main cause of damage during hurricane season. 

Get Professional Assistance With Your Insurance Claim

Don’t go it alone – hire a public adjuster in Fort Myers / South Florida to handle your insurance claim after damage from a storm. The adjusters at Darryl Davis and Associates help you get faster, more complete compensation, so you can move foward after a disaster. Call us today at 954-709-3982.