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What Should I Ask a Public Adjuster in Orlando?

Ask a Public Adjuster in Orlando

Life can toss out some serious curveballs, can’t it? When faced with a disastrous event like flood or fire, do you know who to call? The right public adjuster in Orlando is the difference between a mediocre settlement and getting what you deserve. Knowing what to ask will make sure you get a truly experienced professional. 

Why Should I Get a Public Adjuster?

That’s a legitimate question. You have insurance and an agent, so why hire a public adjuster? The most important reason to have a public adjuster on your side is because they actually are on your side. 

They don’t work for your insurance company. They work for you, which means you’ll get a higher settlement than you would if you handle a claim directly through your insurance company.

It’s also not going to cost you anything out of your pocket most likely. Public adjusters typically get paid by taking a small percentage of your settlement, and that percentage is agreed upon from the beginning of filing your claim. 

Have you ever tried to navigate the paperwork involved with filing a claim on your own ? It can be a nightmare. A public adjuster takes the hard work off your hands.

They’ll also be your go-between by limiting the amount of time you’ll have to spend communicating with your insurance company, which can be quite time consuming. 

So, What Should I Ask My Public Adjuster in Orlando?

Choosing the right public adjuster to hire your claim is an important process so it helps to know what to ask. Write down your list of questions, such as the following:

  1. What types of claims do you handle? Have you handled my type of claim?
  2. What about licenses? Are you licensed with the state? Is the company licensed?
  3. How long have you been in business?
  4. Can you provide references?
  5. How many claims are you currently handling? Will you be able to give enough attention to my claim?
  6. Will you be responsible for communication between myself and my insurance company?
  7. How long does the insurance claim process take?
  8. What are your fees? 
  9. What is your strategy for getting me the most from my claim?

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