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What to Do If Your Office Building Insurance Claim in Fort Lauderdale Is Denied

Office Building Insurance Claims Fort Lauderdale

As an office building owner or operator, you have a lot of things to juggle to make sure that everything is operating smoothly. Dealing with an office building insurance claim in Fort Lauderdale is just one of those balls in the air, but it can be an especially complex one especially if it is denied. But, there are steps you can take after a denial to improve your outcome.

Understand Why Insurance Companies Might Deny an Office Business Claim in Fort Lauderdale

While some insurance claims can be denied for bad faith reasons, there are some legitimate reasons that companies deny business claims. Your claim may be denied if your business details are inaccurate or out of date, if you do not comply with the conditions put forth by your original insurance coverage plan, if you do not disclose everything about your business, if your property is underinsured, and / or if you are not transparent about previous claims.

Prepare a Response

The first step in preparing a response is to have a lawyer look at the claim denial, so that they can assess it. Doing a close read of the situation makes it easier to create an effective appeal. This is also a good time to provide any additional evidence for your claim. Such evidence may include information you did not previously disclose or new information that has come to light since your original claim.

File a Civil Action

If the response does not yield the desired results ,you can file a civil action. You may bring a bad faith lawsuit against the insurance company if the denial is made for false reasons. You may also file a tort claim, so that you can receive punitive damages. Examples of bad faith insurance claims include if an insurer does not investigate or if they do not assess the evidence accurately.

Who Else Can Help Me With my Office Building Insurance Claim in Fort Lauderdale?

Public adjusters (PAs) can help with your claim. Unlike the insurance adjuster, a public adjuster can be hired by anyone, and they work for their private client, not the insurance company. They can help you get your claim paid, and oftentimes faster and at a higher rate of compensation than going it alone. It’s best to hire a PA before your claim is denied, but it’s never too late to call!

Darryl Davis and Associates is here to help with your office building insurance claim in Fort Lauderdale. We have a lot of experience with the insurance claims process, and we would love to use that experience to help you through your situation. To make an appointment, call us at 954-709-3982 today!