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What to Do If Your Townhome Insurance Claim in West Palm Beach Is Denied

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After a disaster, you expect your insurance to pay your claim. If your claim is denied, take action! You have the right to appeal or even take other action. Here’s what to do if your townhome insurance claim in West Palm Beach is denied.

Understand Your Insurance Policy

Know what is covered under your policy, so that if an error is made you can point it out and back up your position. Always keep a copy of your policy easy to access in the event of a disaster.

Get More Information About Why the Townhome Insurance Claim in West Palm Beach Was Denied

Follow up with your insurance company to get detailed answers to understand why your initial claim was denied. Most companies send a denial letter so you’ll have it in writing, but it helps to call and get clarification.

Consider an Independent Appraisal

If you disagree with the initial appraisal of the damages and property valuation, most policies allow you to hire your own independent appraiser.

Make an Appeal

Don’t settle, file an appeal. Provide any further documentation, such as photos of the damages, receipts, and proof of steps taken to prevent property damage. Some claims are denied due to property owner negligence, so be prepared with documentation showing otherwise. Always keep receipts for updates made that keep the property up to specs and ensure safety, like security alarms and smoke detectors.

Hire a Public Adjuster for Your Townhome Insurance Claim in West Palm Beach

Having your own public adjuster (PA) working on your townhome insurance claims in West Palm Beach impacts the outcome of your claim. A PA results in better and faster compensation because these industry professionals understand the process and know how to provide accurate and detailed information so the claim is done right. If your claim is denied, hire a professional to handle your appeal and guide you through the process.

Our Professionals Work Hard For You

Hire the public adjusters at Darryl Davis and Associates for your townhome claim in West Palm Beach. We’ll handle your initial claim or appeal if a claim has been denied so you’ll get the compensation you deserve. For a consultation, call us today at 954-709-3982.