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When to Contact a Public Adjuster for Your Commercial Building Insurance Claims Near Tampa

Commercial Building Insurance Claims Near Tampa

Getting an industry professional on your side helps you during a crisis. If your commercial building is struck by disaster, hiring a public adjuster gets you better compensation and faster too. Not sure if you need a public adjuster? Here’s when to contact one for your commercial building insurance claims near Tampa.

Hire a Commercial Building Insurance Claims in Tampa When It’s Not Business as Usual

If the property isn’t open for business as usual, your bottom line is being impacted. Get your claim resolved faster by hiring a public adjuster. They can also help you get compensation for the impact to your bottom line if you have business interruption insurance.

When You Need Help With Your Claim to Get It Paid Faster and at a Higher Payout

A public adjuster helps ensure that the claim is complete and submitted right the first time. Overall, it means faster compensation for you. No claim is too complicated for a professional, as they have the experience you need to get the most out of your claim.

A public adjuster handles the claim for you and uses their industry experience to help negotiate a better deal. They work with your insurance company and keep you in the loop. Often, they uncover additional compensation you’re entitled to, such as smoke damage or mold damage that may go unnoticed.

When You Need an Independent Investigation for Your Commercial Building Insurance Claims Near Tampa

Hiring an independent investigator is to your benefit in some cases. Get advice from your public adjuster, and let them facilitate the investigation for you, freeing you up to focus on your business.

When the Insurance Company Gives You a Low Offer

The initial offer by the insurance company is negotiable, but it’s essential to have the right evidence to back up your claim if you want to negotiate. If you think the initial offer is too low, hiring a public adjuster helps get you the additional support you need to negotiate a higher offer. 

Know Where to Find a Public Adjuster Before You Need One

The public adjusters at Darryl Davis and Associates are ready to assist with commercial building insurance claims near Tampa. If you own commercial property, keep our contact information at the ready, so you’re always prepared. Want to be even more proactive? Contact us for a risk assessment to get a better understanding of the risks associated with your business property. Call us today at 954-709-3982!

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