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Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale FL

How to Find a Good Public Adjuster in Fort Lauderdale

Working for the policyholder, a public adjuster advocates for property owners who suffer losses after hurricanes, high winds, or other related phenomenons occur. They thoroughly asses the damage to ensure that the insurance adjuster properly calculates the value of items and / or structures lost. A good public adjuster in Fort Lauderdale will help maximize the amount of your claim to ensure you’re properly compensated. They also help you receive your payout faster.

Here’s what to look for in a public adjuster.

Excellent Reputation

Ask for a referral from friends and family first, as they’ll be able to tell you about their personal experience. Also, check online reviews to see what people are saying about the public adjuster you find. Facebook, Google, and Angie’s List can help you get started learning more about a public adjuster’s reputation. Visit their website for customer testimonials as well. Not online do adjusters often have testimonials, but you can also get to know them a little better, too.


When you find a public adjuster (PA), call and ask them about their experience. Look for first-hand knowledge and experience dealing with the same type of claim you are filing. You can often find this type of info online as well.


According to the State of Florida, PAs must be licensed and bonded. Ask the PA about their licensing, and make sure it is up to date. Public adjusters must pass an exam to become licensed, so you can trust that they should be able to properly perform all functions of a PA.

Contract Details

You want to be sure that the fees for their services are written in a contract to help protect you against any unforeseen issues. Be sure to ask for a written and signed contract, and then check to be sure that their fees are competitive compared to other local public adjusters.

Ready to hire a public adjuster in Fort Lauderdale to make the claims process easier and recover from your loss faster? Call Darryl Davis today!

After fire, flooding, or other natural disaster strikes, call your insurance company, then dial Darryl Davis and Associates at 954-709-3982. Our public adjusters are ready to get to work for you, so that you can focus on healing and rebuilding. We offer risk analysis, so you don’t have to wait for a disaster – you can be prepared ahead of time!

Public Adjuster in Orlando FL

Do I Need a Public Adjuster in Orlando?

While your insurance company assigns you an adjuster during your claims process, the adjuster works for them. They are there to help protect the company against frivolous claims. While that is necessary, as there are people who try to take advantage of insurance policies, most homeowners are just trying to get what they’re properly owed. If you have to file an insurance claim, it’s best to hire a public adjuster in Orlando to help you navigate the process.

A public adjuster in Orlando is a homeowner’s advocate.

They make sure the insurance company stands behind their policy’s promises. Public adjusters (PAs) go to bat for you, so the insurance company doesn’t get away with only looking out for their own interest.

Public adjusters help ensure your claim is handled properly.

Your loss is already devastating enough without the added stress of an improperly handled claim. A PA helps reduce the emotional burden and trauma that may come from disputes with your insurance claims adjuster.

PAs help homeowners get the maximum settlement.

Public adjusters can help increase the total amount homeowners are compensated for their fire, wind, flood, or other loss. People who file residential claims without a public adjuster on their side may not receive the full settlement amount they’re entitled to.

They don’t get paid unless you get paid.

If your claim isn’t paid out, then you don’t lose anything by hiring a PA. They are hired on a contingency basis. They don’t charge upfront, so you can be sure that they will do their absolute best to get you the highest settlement amount possible.

Bottom line: Yes, it’s best to hire a public adjuster.

In an ideal world, insurance companies would work in your best interest every time. Fortunately, public adjusters are there to step in and help make sure that they do.

When do you need a public adjuster in Orlando? If you want someone on your side not beholden to the insurance company, so you get the maximum payout. They help get your settlement quickly, while making sure everything in the claims process runs as smoothly as possible.

It’s best to consult with a PA before you ever even have to file a claim. They can perform a risk analysis to help make sure you’ve got the best possible insurance coverage should a devastating loss occur.

Fire Damage Insurance Claims in West Palm Beach Made Easier

No matter how small, a house fire is something no homeowner ever wants to experience. Whether an outlet catches fire from improper wiring, or your home is a total loss due to a lighting strike, you’ll need to talk to your insurance company about fire damage insurance claims in West Palm Beach.

Actually, there are quite a few important steps to take after a house fire in addition to contacting your homeowners insurance company. Here is what you should do after a fire occurs in your home.

What to Do After a House Fire

  1. Call 911 or other emergency service, and get to safety quickly.
  2. Contact family members to let them know you’re okay.
  3. Contact your insurance agent.
  4. Ask when it’s safe to go back into your home.
  5. Clean up, organize, and create a record of damaged items.
  6. Protect everything in the home from any further damage if possible.
  7. Get a copy of the report from the fire department.
  8. If necessary, make other living arrangements until your home is safe to sleep in again.
  9. This may be the most essential step after contacting your insurance company – hire a public adjuster.

Preparing for Your Fire Damage Insurance Claims in West Palm Beach

As soon as it’s safe to do so, contact your insurance company, and let them know what has happened. You are required to report your loss as soon as is possible. You can contact them via phone, email, or other reasonable method to report the fire.

When you’re ready to, hire a public adjuster in West Palm Beach to help ensure that your insurance claim is properly submitted, that all repairs and replacement costs are included in your claim, and that the insurance company pays you what you are entitled to through your policy. A public adjuster is a homeowner’s advocate, helping to get your claims paid quickly and fairly.

To help your public adjuster ensure you receive maximum compensation for your fire damage insurance claims, they will ask you for a list of your damaged items. The more helpful info you have in advance, the better. It’s best to itemize your home before a fire, so you have the information readily available. Once you turn over info to your adjuster and file your claim, let your public adjuster handle the rest, and focus on rebuilding your home.

3 Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster for Major Plumbing Damage Insurance Claims in Fort Lauderdale

No one is ever properly prepared for the financial and emotional devastation of flooding or plumbing damage to their home. Even if you have the proper insurance coverage in place and have an itemized log of your belongings, you still have to navigate the tricky process of filing an insurance claim and making sure you receive the compensation you deserve. After you experience plumbing damage, you should call a public adjustor immediately to help you best position your major plumbing damage insurance claim in Fort Lauderdale for success.

1. When filing major plumbing damage insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale, a public adjustor is your advocate.

A public adjuster works with the insurance company’s claims adjustor for YOU, as your advocate. You hire them, so you receive the maximum allowable compensation. Experienced adjusters evaluate damage, determine rebuilding costs, expedite the claims process, and ensure that claims are paid. They go to bat for you, so your claim is processed and paid as quickly as possible. Adjusters also make sure that claims are paid properly, so that you don’t cash a check labeled “Full and Final Settlement” if the insurance company has not paid for everything the claim covers.

2. A public adjuster makes sure you don’t settle for anything less than what you’re entitled to.

After plumbing damage, many homeowners feel utterly exhausted. Unfortunately, that can be prime time for insurance companies to take advantage of the situation. They know that you just want to whole process to be over and done with as quickly as possible. You’re rightfully frustrated. But settling for less than what you deserve just to close the claim shortchanges you. Having a public adjuster on your side to fight for you ensures that you won’t fall victim to the insurance company underestimating the replacement cost of your belongings.

3. Public adjusters make sure that the estimate is complete for the full scope of your repairs.

Plumbing issues such as leaky dishwashers or other appliances, drain pipe leaks, or toilet or tub overflows can lead to a lot of other unseen damages in the home. A public adjuster determines all necessary repairs, ensuring your claim covers the total cost of work that needs done. From mold cleanup to dry out charges, they accurately detail the full scope of work. This makes sure your home returns to its pre-plumbing damage state.